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A Small Rant on "The Legend of the Tailed Beasts:

We now know how all the Tailed Beasts look like ever since Masashi Kishimoto revealed them in the recent artbook. Yet people all around the internet still believe in that phony "Legend of the Tailed Beasts" crap floating around the internet.

I would like to take a few words from the description of the legend before we start:

—"Featuring the Nine Bijuus from the Japanese Legend and the tale itself, this is a brand fresh official collection of information."

- I would like to disect this sometime soon, but I'll probably let you guys do it.

First, let me say this: The so-called "Bijuu Legend" is fake. It is just a fan-made theory that a Japanese guy (or Chinese guy, I forget) made up. This guy just mixed up some Japanese Yokai with some Chinese myths (the Eight Immortals, Tools of Power). In other words it's just an damn fanfic. IT IS NOT ACTUAL JAPANESE LEGEND! How people can believe this is an Actual Japanese Legend I may never know. But I do want to give kudos to the author of this tale. This story is so elaborate, well thought out, and many different things were researched it seems like a real legend. Too bad that it sometimes falls into critical research failure.

Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for: Let's break down the Tailed Beasts themselves. I will not do the Shukaku or the Nine Tailed Fox, since the "Legend" is mysteriously in accord with Kishi's original designs and whim. (Note that the names of the beasts are not the real names of the actual Bijuu)

2 - Nibi no Nekomata is a pretty close call. Although the real Bijuu is a cat, it's not a winged furry cat. It is a cat made of flaming soul fires, as we all know. NO. WINGS. Get it through your head!

3 - Sanbi no Isonade... oh boy. The real Bijuu is a green turtle/clam hybrid, as we all know, and not a three tailed shark. Also, the real Isonade (yes, it exists in Japanese myths) doesn't have 3 tails. It also had a hook on it's tail as well, and I seem to not see one (or two more) on the Ancient Mutant Bijuu Turtle, do I?

4 - Yonbi no Sokou... compared to Yonbi no Saru... "HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Seriously, the real four tails is a giant red Oozaru looking thing while the Sokou is a chicken with snake tails. WTF is that? This is one of the best looking Bijuu as well, and my new favorite one. Kishi says it's a shout out to Dragon Ball, since it looks like an Oozaru and it's host is named Roshi. What a drastic change in looks, and it's only gonna get more drastic from here.

5 - Gobi no Hokou, everybody's favorite of the Bijuu. The legendary five-element-tails white wolf .... Too bad it's a five tailed horse-dolphin-whale... WTF is it? Just look at it and see. Apparently, Kishi calls it an Irukauma (horse-dolphin crossbreed). This Bijuu is probably the only one that I wish was better looking than it's made-up counterpart. Although, I admit it looks really pretty...

6 - Rokubi no Raijuu, A.K.A. the six-tailed Pikachu. While the real Bijuu is a six-tailed slug... WTF?!!! OK, take that back. THIS is the beast I wished looked better than it's fake counterpart. Seriously, A SLUG?!!! Kishi, you already gave us a giant slug. Why would you give us a larger one with extra tails? Man, this one is unoriginal. At least I hope it doesn't suck as much.

7 - Shichibi no Kaku. First off, Kishi decided to avoid the dreaded "shi word" and call it the Nanabi. Second, it's not a bland seven tailed midget-badger as many believe [Note: Just because I used the word "Midget" doesn't mean it's still not huge]. The real thing is a giant beetle with wings for tails (except the seventh tail , for some reason). I also want to point out that I feel sorry for the host, Fuu, since Kishimoto has not given she/he a definate gender yet. God, I hope she's a girl.

8 - And finally, Number 8, Hachibi no Hachimata. You may also know it as the Yamata-no-Orochi. Yet we all know the real thing is inside Killer Bee (Awesomest Naruto character of 2008) God, I remember when Orochimaru came out of Sasuke and busted out his Yamata no Jutsu on Itachi while everyone was saying "ZOMGF TEH HABICHI!!11! OROHCIMAUR HAD TEH BIIJU INSIED HIM ALL THE TIEM!!!" And I just stood back and laughed when they saw the REAL Bijuu summoned by MC Eight-Tails. All the hopes of

Are all your dreams crushed already? Well, here's the final seal on the coffin: The author of the story himself actually admitted the story is fake. The fact that it is mistaken as Actual Japanese Legend boggles his mind as well. Yet, I want to know how everyone could have believed in this story... and especially how people considered this an Actual Japanese Legend I believe that the person who first posted this legend in English for the Naruto fandom to know about thought that it was a real legend because he found it in a Japanese fansite, and unfortunately didn't know his Japanese mythology,

Well, I've made my opinion straight. All I want is for people to dismiss this story as an Actual Japanese Legend. Boy, talk about your Cultural Mistranslation...

Also, I found an even better rant here. It's much more convincing and more factual than mine.

While we're at it, check out a statement regarding the Legend from the Naruto-Fan forums as well:

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My idea for the Expy/Captain Ersatz debate:

I say we purge Expy with it's original definition and send all other entries that don't match to Captain Ersatz. From that point on, we redefine Captain Ersatz and split the Trope into two.

The new definiton of Captain Ersatz (and my definition that i have believed in):

A Captain Ersatz is a character who is supposed to be an already established character from a different series. In other words, he's a cheap knock-off.

The new trope I suggest shall be called either Tribute Character or Homage Character.

A(n) Tribute Character/Homage Character is a character who was inspired by a previously established character. Despite not actually trying to imitate him, he has several traits in common with him.

For example, Arachniman is supposed to be Spider-Man, and not inspired by him. He is not a tribute or homage, because he acts too much like Spider-Man people actually notice. That is the key difference: People must notice he is a knock-off and not just a tribute or homage.
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