Tropers / PG 556


Wait, I think I did that wrong...

No, its not the weird cousin to the SiG SSG550. It is, infact, short for Paingod556, Veterin of the Internets, and Keeper of the Mispellings.

A Westralian who's really into anything technological or mechanical, with a passion revolving around computers and firearms. And thanks to video games, I can cater to both at the same time.

I've made numerous edits to a number of pages, including Metal Gear Solid 4, AKA47 and others I can't remember. If there's an error involving military hardware, I'll be there to straighten things out.

Appendium- Also gets pissed when people get Dale Brown (former radar-navigator/bombardier in the USAAF) and Dan Brown (pompous ass who has one good book... maybe) mixed up. One writes military fiction that has slowly become more and more contrived with bullshit high-tech gear. The other doesn't. See Kill Sat for a restrained response.

Would also like to take this oppurtunity to make a blatant self-promo for various works on the PCPP website. Go there now!!!