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Hi, I'm Chris, but on TV Tropes I'm known as "Sen".

So... me. I was born in 1991 in Romania. As of right now I'm studying international politics in the UK. In my spare time I:
  • write music with my trusty Propellerheads Reason, which I upload here
    • I'm also in a band and trying to get another band started
  • write silly stories and similar stuff for fun
  • listen to stuff
  • watch movies/TV/anime/whathaveyou
  • read stuff
  • play games
  • allow teh Interwebs to bring out my inner raving opinionated idiot.
  • play NationStates

Small wonder my time management skills are non-existent?

My interests include lots and lots of alternative music, weird, psychological, Mind Screwy futuristic animes (the first one I watched was Neon Genesis Evangelion... go figure), lots of Sci-Fi in general (big fan o' Star Wars, Alien, Aliens, Blade Runner and others), Con Langs/Con Worlds, and so on.

What can I say... you can easily recognise my style by its awkwardness, excessive details and general painful lack of funny. In fact, the funny on those pages comes from Wiki Magic. If you see a comment that tries to be funny but ends up offensive or stupid, chances are it's mine. Sorry 'bout that. My articles in particular tend to vary between severe word diarrhea and desperate attempts at Beige Prose that sometimes hit the mark.

(I have a sense of humour. The problem is that it constantly misfires, and I often have trouble recognising jokes or sarcasm.)

Being a fanboy, I have my moments of suffering Opinion Myopia. They leak into my contributions every once in a while, mostly in the form of whiney bitching. I try to remove those once I step back a bit, think about it and realise there's no point, but I forget some of them because I don't keep track of all my edits. So, er, thanks a lot to anyone who's ever removed my whining.

I have a pretty big collection of music, and just because I love Alternative Rock doesn't mean I'm a It's Popular, Now It Sucks guy. Hell, an equal degree of my music collection's taken up by famous and awesome bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Black Sabbath and so on. If you're really curious, here's my profile. Oh, and I'm a sortofa rockist? I don't like about 90% of pop music, but hey, Sturgeon's Law - I have a few favourites you could call "pop" (Prince, Wendy & Lisa, The Time, Sheila E., 90125 by Yes, etc). I'm predisposed towards rock and Electronic Music though.

Post-Grunge annoys me a lot. I don't like And Justice for All - with the exception of "One" it just bores me - and I think The Black Album is the best Metallica album. I love U2 in The '90s, when they were all futuristic techno-alternative-rock. I otherwise hate their super-echoey sound (stolen and diluted from the Cocteau Twins) and think Bono's an annoying twat. Massive fan of Nirvana - seeing Smells Like Teen Spirit on MTV when I was around 5-7 is what turned me on to rock music. I tend to love My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, The Beatles and The Stone Roses way more than healthy limits. I'm not yet an obsessive Tori Amos, Kate Bush and PJ Harvey fan, but I'm working on getting there.

(As of 19/20 March 2011, I'm also a Bjrk fan. Vespertine 4 lyfe.)

I tend to pay more attention to the production of an album and its overall sound. A particular pet peeve of mine as a result of this is the Record of Loudness War (or as I like to call it when I'm particularly verbose, HFSTEELWSH note ). I'm really interested in Sampling and Sampled Up, and it's kind of a Berserk Button for me: people who say that sampling's "unoriginal" and "lazy" because they've just heard mainstream rap can expect to hear me go on a long rant about the Beastie Boys, DJ Shadow, Public Enemy and so on.

Re: music, I kinda sorta taught myself to play keyboards and I'm currently learning to play the guitar. I seem to have a weird variation of Once per Episode when it comes to guitar practice. Y'know the bass riff from the middle of Tori Amos' "Precious Things"? The one that goes E-E-E-E-D-E-G-D-E-E-E-E-D-E-G-A? That and "Louie Louie" are two riffs I will inevitably play any time I'm in the same vicinity as a guitar.

I'd like to thank TV Tropes for getting me big-time into FLCL, The Sandman, Nextwave, Runaways, Emilie Autumn, EarthBound and others. Thanks, dudes. Especially for Earthbound. That game rocks. Srsly.

And thanks to Soap Magic for the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Adventure Time recommendations!

I can be really opinionated when it comes to music and films, so I better shut up.

I've created quite a few pages for bands:

I partially or completely revamped the Yoko Kanno, Tenacious D, PJ Harvey, Frank Zappa, Yes, Van Halen, Courtney Love and Queen pages, among others.

Non-band creator pages I made:

I also created the following trope pages, mostly to do with music:


other tropes:

And I contributed to many others, trope, creator or otherwise.

There's also some stuff that got deleted, but who cares about those.

I frequently lurk around the Romania page and try to improve it whenever I can.

Currently in the middle of stuff.

Additionally, I've been writing my own things for a long time, but I've only recently grown the balls to actually publish them (blame FringeBenefits for that, hahahahahaha). So this is the space for them:

Something else may show up sometime in the future, depending on how Kudzu Plot it gets.

Tropes that kind of apply to me:

Considering that I now live in what The Other Wiki says is Inner London, my hate for Britain Is Only London as a Pet Peeve Trope has grown geometrically. It might come up in my writings. So I'd like to preemptively apologise to Americans who feel offended.

Sometimes, my true colours as a Strawman Political left-winger with no idea how to argue see the light of day.

Goddamn I talk too much.

This is where you tell me about the quality (or lack thereof) of my thingies

  • Just want to say that your writing is brilliantly, gloriously, epically, orgasmically insane, and you should be proud. ~FringeBenefits
  • Do you play bass for people? ~ SoapMagic
  • You are probably the first person I've met who has tried to compliment me with logic. - Wellinever
    • Oh I see. Buttering me up so you can use my most humiliating moments for personal gain. Well go ahead! See if I care! Just kidding. Go ahead. How much music do you listen to! You like a musaholic. - Wellinever
      • Oh I'm so offended by your comments I'm going to go punch a kitten.
      • Fine, I'll forgive you but I've already done the Kitten punching. It's nose started bleeding and then I got fined by the RSPCA. I hope you're happy.
  • Aw Christ, I'd forgotten that I'd made an edit about my unspeakable ugliness. I don't remember half my damn entries. Glad you like the page anyway, I put an inordinate amount of time into it. Thumbs up for liking Mother and Red Dwarf, anyone who likes these are probably awesome.
  • Ok, so I just have to say; 1. being Romanian is cool. A very weird compliment, I know.... anyway, 2. YOU HAVE AMAZING TASTE IN MUSIC. That is all. - Hammerhead
  • Me again. Re: music. I saw your tv tropes page. I don't have a last fm (crazy, huh?). But I've been meaning to listen to so many bands in the genres you said I need more of- I just get sidetracked... plus making a list that amounts to literal PAGES of bands and albums I need to listen to ends up being quite intimidating. The main reason I had to write you is because you mentioned Dream Pop, Shoegazing, Noise Rock, Noise Pop, Power Pop, and Riot Grrrl in one breath (figuratively speaking, o' course). Anybody who does that.... well, it just makes my lil' ol' music snob heart all happy n' junk. But that's ok. I know a lot of people don't like her. Though I should say, I actually don't completely hate Prince... I just hate anything not from Dirty Mind, 1999, Purple Rain, and the "Love Symbol" album. Though there are still plenty of songs from those that make me want to gag, too...
  • Sorry I didn't reply faster. To be honest, I tried Sign o' the Times.... and wanted to scratch my ears out. The love symbol album was much easier on my ears. Oh no, it's ok. I mean, I don't want to sound like an ass... it's just my list is already so big... I don't thing I'd ever get to it (out of intimidation) if I added much more. But once I've listened to most of it, I'll come back to you, ok? :P I'm also not a huge fan of Noise Rock, except for Big Black (even though Steve Albini is kind of douchebag). I wont be on Vacation until my birthday (two weeks-ish). Although if you meant just "out of school", yes I am. I was going to contribute to the Courtney Love page, but then somebody (I think you- didn't check the history) had totally revamped it and added everything I wanted to add when I went back a while later. Also, I'm sorry.... I'm really clogging up your main page.
  • You're certainly a very dilligent person. Keep it that way! - Amused Troper Guy
  • Worried about being too aggressively opinionated? That happened to me too. How did I solve the problem? By endorsing the removal of Real Life examples.Belfagor