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Tropers: Azvolrien
It's pronounced 'Az-vol-ree-en'. Last two syllables are almost run together. R'yen, like.

Well, after that note on pronunciation... Azvolrien: Huge Schoolgirl, Gentle Giant, and (almost) Genius Bruiser. I say almost: I'm neither a genius nor a bruiser, just a big lass with a good brain. Also Scottish, but definitely not a Violent Glaswegian. For one, I'm from Edinburgh.

Though I didn't create it, I wrote most of the description for The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness page. I also started the page for The Icemark Chronicles.

I am reasonably fluent in German, but not to the extent that I can explain the plot of Galaxy Quest in that language. Yes, I tried.

Favourite tropes:

Favourite media with pages here:

Also, gryphons. They're cool. And just for the record, I'm 5'10".

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