Azvolrien's Recent Edits

10th May 18 09:10:36Ground By Gears
8th May 18 11:10:01Tear Jerker.The Fifth Elephant
5th May 18 04:59:23Trivia.Howls Moving Castle
8th Apr 18 10:34:44Film.Black Panther 2018
4th Apr 18 03:12:17Monster Shaped Mountain
1st Apr 18 02:46:16Western Animation.Rise Of The Guardians
16th Mar 18 04:43:41Viking Funeral
27th Jan 18 05:17:48Western Animation.Early Man
13th Jan 18 08:36:09One Woman Wail
12th Dec 17 03:03:31Literature.The Sharing Knife
7th Dec 17 01:41:40Literature.Tinker
7th Dec 17 01:10:04Shackle Seat Trap
20th Nov 17 10:43:06We All Live In America
16th Nov 17 02:21:35Video Game.Horizon Zero Dawn
16th Nov 17 11:22:55Funny.Castle In The Air
2nd Nov 17 02:49:04Western Animation.Miraculous Ladybug
2nd Nov 17 02:02:14Trivia.Miraculous Ladybug
27th Oct 17 08:17:54Funny.Thor Ragnarok
11th Oct 17 12:19:19Anime.Little Witch Academia
8th Oct 17 12:17:02Not Even Bothering With The Accent
7th Oct 17 05:53:03Shout Out.Little Witch Academia
7th Oct 17 07:51:23Literature.A Memoir By Lady Trent
25th Sep 17 02:48:50Literature.A Memoir By Lady Trent
14th Sep 17 11:07:26Funny.World Of Warcraft
11th Sep 17 10:37:06Literature.Uprooted
11th Aug 17 03:15:40Literature.The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet
10th Aug 17 03:23:38Deadpan Snarker.Radio
14th Jul 17 03:35:49Literature.Tinker
11th Jul 17 02:29:58Literature.A Memoir By Lady Trent
9th Jul 17 12:53:23Monumental Damage Resistance
6th Jul 17 10:12:01Literature.A Memoir By Lady Trent
5th Jul 17 09:51:44Literature.Tinker
30th Jun 17 02:59:14Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
30th Jun 17 02:56:09Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
18th Jun 17 03:12:09Parental Substitute
10th Jun 17 11:02:17Characters.Howls Moving Castle
23rd May 17 12:17:37Characters.Tinker
23rd May 17 09:43:19Literature.A Memoir By Lady Trent
17th May 17 10:49:49Literature.Tinker
16th May 17 02:38:57Literature.The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet
13th May 17 04:31:57Useful Notes.Other British Towns And Cities
6th May 17 08:07:18Literature.A Memoir By Lady Trent
4th May 17 12:25:37Literature.Tinker
30th Apr 17 07:17:26Literature.A Memoir By Lady Trent
15th Feb 17 08:26:46Resist The Beast
14th Jan 17 04:23:35City Of Canals
12th Jan 17 03:08:25Western Animation.Trollhunters
27th Dec 16 07:52:43Western Animation.Trollhunters
27th Dec 16 07:52:00Western Animation.Trollhunters
22nd Dec 16 10:51:17Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
14th Dec 16 02:41:49Funny.World Of Warcraft
13th Dec 16 10:51:03Fish Out Of Temporal Water
15th Nov 16 10:57:10Literature.Temeraire
15th Nov 16 10:54:51Literature.Temeraire
13th Nov 16 02:06:48Western Animation.Kulipari An Army Of Frogs
6th Nov 16 01:27:22Film.Doctor Strange 2016
23rd Oct 16 03:50:08Literature.Tinker
6th Oct 16 03:32:26Western Animation.Kulipari An Army Of Frogs
24th Sep 16 03:33:42World Of Warcraft.Tropes S To Z
20th Sep 16 01:34:11Literature.Leviathan
13th Sep 16 02:58:12Nightmare Fuel.Warcraft
11th Sep 16 03:21:36Film.Petes Dragon
9th Sep 16 04:06:15Literature.The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness
6th Sep 16 09:46:53Heartwarming.Cabin Pressure
6th Sep 16 09:46:30Heartwarming.Cabin Pressure
3rd Sep 16 05:10:04Literature.A Memoir By Lady Trent
24th Jul 16 01:34:26The Hobbit Film Trilogy.Foes
20th Jul 16 03:00:49Spear Carrier
16th Jul 16 03:26:14Webcomic.Hark A Vagrant
15th Jul 16 03:09:54Just Before The End
11th Jul 16 02:33:52Literature.Catteni
8th Jul 16 10:22:39YMMV.The Sandman
7th Jul 16 12:46:35Angrish.Comic Books
30th Jun 16 02:24:12Western Animation.Dragons Riders Of Berk
26th Jun 16 01:26:23Funny.Kung Fu Panda 3
19th Jun 16 10:06:01Film.War Craft 2016
10th Jun 16 04:06:31Useful Notes.Other British Towns And Cities
8th Jun 16 10:54:53Disney.Zootopia
6th Jun 16 10:56:58Funny.War Craft 2016
4th Jun 16 04:40:20Fridge.The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness
4th Jun 16 04:34:17Raised By Wolves
4th Jun 16 03:08:13Easter Egg
6th May 16 03:32:28Literature.A Memoir By Lady Trent
3rd May 16 02:19:33Barely There Swimwear
1st May 16 10:57:51Literature.A Memoir By Lady Trent
23rd Apr 16 12:43:01Literature.The Sharing Knife
23rd Apr 16 10:15:15Television Geography.Film
14th Apr 16 01:08:40White Hair Black Heart
6th Apr 16 02:22:27Heartwarming.Avatar
3rd Apr 16 04:13:38Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
2nd Apr 16 12:27:31Characters.Warcraft The Old Gods
1st Apr 16 01:50:54Magi Babble
20th Feb 16 05:43:35Creator.Lois Mc Master Bujold
13th Feb 16 09:01:36Film.Cloverfield
13th Feb 16 09:01:02Film.Cloverfield
6th Feb 16 12:43:26Literature.Leviathan
6th Feb 16 08:11:10Literature.Young Wizards
1st Feb 16 03:29:15Characters.Young Wizards
30th Jan 16 04:51:19Film.The Water Horse Legend Of The Deep
30th Jan 16 02:39:43Bigfoot Sasquatch And Yeti
28th Jan 16 10:42:36Trivia.Miraculous Ladybug
24th Jan 16 02:24:59Tear Jerker.Miraculous Ladybug
30th Nov 15 08:29:40Webcomic.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
28th Nov 15 06:14:33Literature.The Elenium
20th Nov 15 11:53:37Nature Hero
15th Nov 15 07:46:33Literature.Skellig
9th Nov 15 01:24:36Amplified Animal Aptitude
7th Nov 15 09:17:47Awesome.World Of Warcraft
3rd Nov 15 03:24:55Funny.Vorkosigan Saga
29th Sep 15 01:16:04Redundancy.Real Life
15th Sep 15 02:59:17Funny.Castle In The Air
29th Aug 15 02:17:54YMMV.World Of Warcraft
25th Aug 15 01:11:14Pregnant Hostage
15th Aug 15 05:55:31Funny.Corpse Bride
13th Jul 15 02:52:11World Of Warcraft.Tropes C To E
13th Jul 15 10:29:38Naval Blockade
10th Jul 15 02:21:05Characters.Epic
4th Jul 15 07:02:53Western Animation.Dragons Riders Of Berk
27th Jun 15 01:48:52Childhood Brain Damage
21st Jun 15 03:11:19Crapsaccharine World
6th Jun 15 05:29:21Film.Eragon
30th May 15 04:12:35Literature.The Icemark Chronicles
30th May 15 02:43:23Literature.The Sharing Knife
18th May 15 10:52:48Mutagenic Goo
16th May 15 03:48:46YMMV.Eragon
9th May 15 02:15:26Characters.Elf Quest
3rd May 15 05:22:33Informed Obscenity
20th Apr 15 02:05:22Game Of Thrones.Tropes A To B
18th Apr 15 04:35:04Flight Of Romance
18th Apr 15 03:27:06Refuge In Audacity.Web Comics
13th Apr 15 09:59:50Characters.Young Wizards
11th Apr 15 03:41:57Western Animation.The Book Of Life
11th Apr 15 02:19:55Film.Godzilla 2014
5th Apr 15 10:51:24Western Animation.The Book Of Life
5th Apr 15 10:29:00Literature.The Sharing Knife
4th Apr 15 05:05:37Death Wail
22nd Mar 15 08:17:05Animation.Leafie A Hen Into The Wild
28th Feb 15 04:58:00Literature.The Sharing Knife
24th Feb 15 10:29:38Characters.Young Wizards
14th Feb 15 04:59:24Western Animation.Flushed Away
14th Feb 15 06:02:58Nightmare Fuel.Gargoyles
7th Feb 15 03:04:04Characters.Gravity Falls Mystery Shack
30th Jan 15 11:13:10Memes.World Of Warcraft
27th Jan 15 11:20:53YMMV.Shardik
21st Jan 15 03:00:56Heartwarming.Young Wizards
8th Jan 15 02:37:26Twirl Of Love
2nd Jan 15 11:14:40Creepy Monotone
23rd Dec 14 10:53:19Literature.The Sharing Knife
21st Dec 14 10:06:24Western Animation.Steven Universe
21st Dec 14 10:06:16YMMV.Steven Universe
20th Dec 14 04:38:26Western Animation.Steven Universe
13th Dec 14 09:56:30Name That Unfolds Like Lotus Blossom
9th Dec 14 02:27:07The Legend Of Korra.Tropes A To F
29th Nov 14 05:24:45Creator.Dick King Smith
17th Nov 14 01:40:23Funny.Pride
17th Nov 14 10:37:10Awesome Music.Game Of Thrones
3rd Nov 14 03:07:44Memes.World Of Warcraft
2nd Nov 14 08:19:54Funny.Film
1st Nov 14 06:47:04Funny.Pride
26th Oct 14 06:22:34Western Animation.The Book Of Life
25th Oct 14 02:05:24Western Animation.The Book Of Life
3rd Oct 14 04:21:08Literature.The Sharing Knife
27th Sep 14 09:21:44Characters.Discworld City Watch
27th Sep 14 09:11:07Literature.The Sharing Knife
27th Sep 14 09:07:43Series.Call The Midwife
27th Sep 14 08:54:41Television Geography.Film
13th Sep 14 08:06:29Western Animation.The Boxtrolls
10th Sep 14 05:52:13Creator.Peter Mullan
28th Aug 14 06:08:16Film.Belle
28th Aug 14 06:08:05Film.Belle
19th Aug 14 08:15:30Series.Downton Abbey
15th Aug 14 05:06:59Characters.The Legend Of Korra Other Characters
6th Aug 14 10:29:30Fridge.Earthsea Trilogy
6th Aug 14 10:27:44Tropers.Azvolrien
4th Aug 14 07:05:28Literature.Codex Alera
31st Jul 14 06:00:03Funny.Beauty And The Beast
30th Jul 14 04:34:44Heartwarming.Codex Alera
22nd Jul 14 07:01:52Rubber Forehead Aliens
21st Jul 14 07:32:34Characters.The Lotus War
7th Jul 14 02:51:27Funny.The Sharing Knife
28th Jun 14 05:00:15Western Animation.The Croods
27th Jun 14 03:02:29Western Animation.How To Train Your Dragon 2
17th Jun 14 04:13:56Stiff Upper Lip
5th Jun 14 01:27:04Webcomic.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
26th Apr 14 04:55:41Franchise.Tintin
17th Apr 14 06:09:45Literature.The Sharing Knife
14th Apr 14 06:16:13Funny.Game Of Thrones
6th Apr 14 11:15:59Series Continuity Error
5th Apr 14 06:37:11Western Animation.Nine
5th Apr 14 07:33:19Characters.Frozen
4th Apr 14 08:08:41Fridge.Muppets Most Wanted
3rd Apr 14 09:02:36Characters.Young Wizards
2nd Apr 14 08:17:57Literature.The Lotus War
2nd Apr 14 08:10:08Literature.Peeps
29th Mar 14 07:24:47Call A Rabbit A Smeerp
29th Mar 14 07:15:47Characters.Young Wizards
29th Mar 14 07:15:06Characters.Young Wizards
25th Mar 14 11:29:26Literature.The Sharing Knife
24th Mar 14 09:39:55Author Existence Failure
20th Mar 14 11:15:51Trivia.Anchorman The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
11th Mar 14 04:16:57Western Animation.Legend Of The Guardians The Owls Of Ga Hoole
23rd Feb 14 12:41:37Lawyer Friendly Cameo
16th Feb 14 12:26:37Video Game.Assassins Creed I
15th Feb 14 06:10:54Literature.Lonely Werewolf Girl
12th Feb 14 09:50:14Villains Out Shopping
10th Feb 14 01:55:04Tanks But No Tanks
10th Feb 14 01:53:09Tanks But No Tanks
8th Feb 14 04:30:09Suddenly Shouting
3rd Feb 14 11:05:10Ice Breaker
31st Jan 14 04:54:37Characters.Discworld City Watch
29th Jan 14 03:23:13Characters.How To Train Your Dragon
25th Jan 14 08:25:43Huge Guy Tiny Girl
23rd Jan 14 07:59:20Characters.Howls Moving Castle
10th Jan 14 06:04:00Full Frontal Assault
10th Jan 14 10:35:36Literature.The Heroes Of Olympus
28th Dec 13 10:55:13Creator.Ron Perlman
28th Dec 13 10:54:27Creator.Ron Perlman
27th Dec 13 11:23:21Literature.The Sharing Knife
23rd Dec 13 08:45:40Literature.House Of Many Ways
21st Dec 13 07:45:11Literature.The Sharing Knife
15th Dec 13 06:54:27Anime.Howls Moving Castle
15th Dec 13 08:01:55Long Haired Pretty Boy
13th Dec 13 07:37:08Fridge.Frozen
12th Dec 13 06:14:31Literature.Fortunately The Milk
10th Dec 13 05:18:35Webcomic.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
3rd Dec 13 06:48:28Ribcage Ridge
3rd Dec 13 06:45:00Saharan Shipwreck
3rd Dec 13 06:40:51Derelict Graveyard
1st Dec 13 10:09:20Badass Adorable.Video Games
26th Nov 13 12:06:56The Great Wall
26th Nov 13 06:45:33Film.Reign Of Fire
22nd Nov 13 11:17:50Film.Pacific Rim
22nd Nov 13 07:35:17Fridge.The Princess Bride
19th Nov 13 07:24:16Sugar Wiki.Visual Effects Of Awesome
14th Nov 13 05:34:19Literature.The Sharing Knife
14th Nov 13 05:33:22YMMV.The Sharing Knife
13th Nov 13 04:36:09Film.Pacific Rim
7th Nov 13 06:32:54Film.Thor The Dark World
7th Nov 13 05:45:05Literature.Howls Moving Castle
7th Nov 13 03:58:04Awesome.The Heroes Of Olympus
5th Nov 13 03:39:07Literature.The Sharing Knife
3rd Nov 13 03:46:41Western Animation.Dragons Riders Of Berk
2nd Nov 13 06:23:40Trivia.The Legend Of Korra
2nd Nov 13 06:22:39Trivia.The Legend Of Korra
29th Oct 13 03:34:04Series.Game Of Thrones
26th Oct 13 04:56:19Literature.The Sharing Knife
26th Oct 13 08:09:07All Hallows Eve
27th Sep 13 03:26:24Badass Baritone
23rd Sep 13 06:27:32Series.Game Of Thrones
15th Sep 13 07:08:49YMMV.Howls Moving Castle
10th Sep 13 06:06:57Humanity Is Superior
3rd Sep 13 02:54:51Headscratchers.Howls Moving Castle
3rd Sep 13 02:48:43Literature.Howls Moving Castle
2nd Sep 13 05:36:34Awesome.Howls Moving Castle
1st Sep 13 07:11:23Aw Look They Really Do Love Each Other
1st Sep 13 11:06:46Characters.Howls Moving Castle
31st Aug 13 04:02:15World Tree
30th Aug 13 09:53:44Nightmare Fuel.Perdido Street Station
27th Aug 13 04:52:18Literature.Howls Moving Castle
26th Aug 13 04:00:10Anime.From Up On Poppy Hill
22nd Aug 13 04:47:53Characters.Howls Moving Castle
22nd Aug 13 03:19:59North Is Cold South Is Hot
20th Aug 13 04:11:23Drill Tank
19th Aug 13 04:00:44Characters.Nine
15th Aug 13 05:10:57Webcomic.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
9th Aug 13 08:13:24Tribal Face Paint
9th Aug 13 08:12:48Tribal Face Paint
6th Aug 13 06:33:00Badass In A Nice Suit
5th Aug 13 07:22:35Mama Bear.Live-Action TV
5th Aug 13 06:07:53Literature.The Edge Chronicles
1st Aug 13 07:00:10Dead Guy Junior
1st Aug 13 06:57:37Farscape.Tropes O To Z
31st Jul 13 04:29:30Death Notification
31st Jul 13 04:13:55Fridge.Pixar Shorts
29th Jul 13 02:27:25Non Uniform Uniform
28th Jul 13 01:20:01Mundane Utility.Anime And Manga
26th Jul 13 10:49:43Huge Rider Tiny Mount
25th Jul 13 06:59:49Huge Guy Tiny Girl
25th Jul 13 06:01:45Trail Of Bread Crumbs
24th Jul 13 09:15:12Now Its My Turn
24th Jul 13 09:06:38Western Animation.The Triplets Of Belleville
18th Jul 13 04:36:51Film.Pacific Rim
14th Jul 13 05:15:34Named Weapons
14th Jul 13 05:14:47Named Weapons
14th Jul 13 05:12:02Named Weapons
13th Jul 13 08:21:38YMMV.Pacific Rim
12th Jul 13 03:43:14Characters.How To Train Your Dragon
12th Jul 13 10:51:49Film.Pacific Rim
12th Jul 13 10:19:35Trivia.Pacific Rim
11th Jul 13 01:54:22Last Name Basis.Literature
10th Jul 13 08:45:43Funny.Farscape
9th Jul 13 05:27:15Type Casting
8th Jul 13 06:44:19Funny.Attack On Titan
8th Jul 13 12:34:22Grave Robbing
8th Jul 13 08:00:35Funetik Aksent
6th Jul 13 05:06:36Funny.Reign Of Fire
6th Jul 13 02:12:22Funny Background Event
5th Jul 13 01:09:35Everythings Better With Penguins
30th Jun 13 03:59:15Funny.Attack On Titan
13th Jun 13 05:49:57Series.Vicious
13th Jun 13 06:29:00Literature.Protector Of The Small
8th Jun 13 05:21:57Deathbringer The Adorable
31st May 13 06:53:47Western Animation.The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists
29th May 13 06:10:00Funny.Oglaf
27th May 13 04:21:22Blood Is Squicker In Water
23rd May 13 03:39:06Western Animation.Epic
17th May 13 05:00:17Names The Same.Literature
12th May 13 04:02:38Literature.The Sharing Knife
10th May 13 05:07:24Series.Call The Midwife
7th May 13 04:24:11George Washington Slept Here
4th May 13 04:38:53Tear Jerker.Iron Man 3
28th Apr 13 02:46:00Literature.Nation
27th Apr 13 10:10:00Oculothorax
14th Apr 13 03:56:09Western Animation.Nine
15th Mar 13 12:13:17And Man Grew Proud
1st Mar 13 04:07:23Tear Jerker.Dragons Riders Of Berk
22nd Feb 13 11:16:33Trivia.Gravity Falls
16th Feb 13 10:09:26Creator.Elijah Wood
4th Feb 13 10:18:34Characters.Codex Alera
3rd Feb 13 04:23:07Headscratchers.Codex Alera
11th Jan 13 05:17:23Mortal Engines
26th Dec 12 02:29:22Western Animation.Brave
8th Dec 12 06:40:07Sugar Wiki.Visual Effects Of Awesome
3rd Dec 12 05:55:58Attack Its Weak Point
3rd Dec 12 05:49:30Literature.Bas-Lag Cycle
3rd Dec 12 04:21:49Western Animation.Rise Of The Guardians
3rd Dec 12 04:12:58Quotes.The Fair Folk
2nd Dec 12 03:22:43British Weather
29th Nov 12 03:34:22Fridge.Skyfall
25th Nov 12 02:48:51Film.Hellboy
22nd Nov 12 04:17:55Characters.Circle Of Magic
19th Nov 12 05:50:47Asskicking Equals Authority
16th Nov 12 05:23:44Dressing As The Enemy
11th Nov 12 02:12:33Im A Humanitarian
10th Nov 12 05:28:36Characters.Redwall
7th Nov 12 01:43:20Take That.Live Action TV
1st Nov 12 04:48:33Trivia.The Iron Giant
22nd Oct 12 06:35:56The Go Between
7th Oct 12 03:11:09YMMV.Merlin
5th Oct 12 01:59:38Nightmare Fuel.Warcraft
5th Oct 12 11:37:48Tear Jerker.World Of Warcraft
29th Sep 12 07:55:01Stravaganza
29th Sep 12 07:52:55The Sharing Knife
22nd Sep 12 06:26:22Mortal Engines
17th Sep 12 04:55:05Funny.The Thick Of It
14th Sep 12 06:30:32Western Animation.Brave
14th Sep 12 06:29:51Western Animation.Brave
14th Sep 12 05:24:29Western Animation.Robbie The Reindeer
9th Sep 12 10:55:41Mortal Engines
30th Aug 12 05:52:59Series.Northern Exposure
28th Aug 12 09:52:21Smoldering Shoes
27th Aug 12 10:59:50YMMV.The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness
27th Aug 12 10:59:34The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness
21st Aug 12 05:19:01Cool Airship
20th Aug 12 08:52:48Shout Out.Gravity Falls
15th Aug 12 05:44:02Holding Hands
11th Aug 12 06:28:23YMMV.The Sharing Knife
6th Aug 12 07:43:34YMMV.The Prince Of Egypt
6th Aug 12 07:43:11Western Animation.The Prince Of Egypt
5th Aug 12 11:10:21Radar.Pingu
4th Aug 12 08:18:33Beary Funny
31st Jul 12 08:40:09Plumbers Crack
29th Jul 12 01:54:49Panthera Awesome
29th Jul 12 01:45:43Panthera Awesome
28th Jul 12 03:52:07Mounted Combat
7th Jul 12 06:01:43Everyone Calls Him Barkeep
4th Jul 12 05:47:18Cool Airship
3rd Jul 12 06:57:45Funny.Sherlock
3rd Jul 12 06:55:06Funny.Sherlock
2nd Jul 12 10:25:46Unable To Support A Wife
1st Jul 12 05:55:39Film.John Carter
1st Jul 12 05:51:03Funny.Father Ted
30th Jun 12 09:04:20Redwall
26th Jun 12 12:28:48YMMV.John Carter
21st Jun 12 03:10:56Ragnarok Proofing
19th Jun 12 05:34:08The Sharing Knife
19th Jun 12 06:27:34YMMV.The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness
19th Jun 12 06:27:17The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness
18th Jun 12 05:26:41Western Animation.Brave
16th Jun 12 03:07:37Film.Nine
15th Jun 12 08:21:22Dope Slap
5th Jun 12 09:13:56YMMV.The Cat Piano
5th Jun 12 09:13:42The Cat Piano
24th May 12 09:16:48Film.Brave
15th May 12 04:10:13Awesome.Nine
7th May 12 09:06:38The Sharing Knife
7th May 12 08:51:19Shark Tunnel
6th May 12 07:59:24America Takes Over The World
1st May 12 04:27:08Funny.Nine
1st May 12 04:21:40Western Animation.Nine
20th Apr 12 10:09:17Call The Midwife
20th Apr 12 09:55:51Characters.Avatar
20th Apr 12 07:52:47Soul Jar
9th Apr 12 08:25:13Giant Equals Invincible
9th Apr 12 04:04:51Western Animation.The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists
8th Apr 12 05:10:42Awesome Music.Western Animation
4th Apr 12 03:45:57Awesome Music.Pixar
2nd Apr 12 02:42:45Headscratchers.John Carter
29th Mar 12 01:52:49Film.Nine
25th Mar 12 03:30:37Film.Howls Moving Castle