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I'm just some guy, you know? If you're ever in Minneapolis and want to go on a crazy internet misadventure, drop me a line and we can meet at a coffee shop or a movie or something. It might be fun, and if you're both nice and cheap, I'll pay for what you're having — might be worth it to have a friend who's my particular shade of nerdy.

Incomplete list of media I've loved:

What follows is a list of sites I've updated and a general idea of how much of my update has survived. The date is the last time I've updated the update info. Hey, I can be a little proud, can't I? Frankly, I don't think this ideal of the absolutely anon internet contributor really is going to motivate my best for the sort of thing I want to do here, so I figure I can change things a little. Anyway, feel free to write whatever comment you like below the bibliographic stuff - I'm keeping track, but I still understand this is mostly not serious. As long as it's not unfunny spam, redundant or just plain mean it'll stay up. If you just want to say "hi", though, message me. Here's your chance to stick it to me for ruining all your hard work.


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