Tropers / Devs Haruhix

So named because the earliest online account she will admit to creating is Haruhi-x on deviantArt. Real creative, huh? Goes by Haru. Or Haruhi Devers. Or Lillian Banillafilla Baqueesha Falala Mowilla the Nth, Crowned Spork of Tomato Sauce.

Has a tendency to write long, sarcastic journals that get mistaken for honest Wangst (which she makes no effort to correct), start on projects she never finishes, and seem innocent while secretly hating you. Also she refers to herself in third person a lot. Or with the royal we on occasion.

She believes TVTropes enhances her life and frequently shares things she reads here to her family, classmates, and pretty much anyone who happens to be around. As a result, she comes across as a Cloud Cuckoolander to most, though she fancies herself a Genius Ditz.

Haru has a tendency to sneak up on people, even while wearing combat boots. As a result, she has been told that she should become a ninja when she grows up. She is amused by this and occasionally humors the idea.