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"Who am I? I'm the shadow of the man to whom you all bend your knee. I am progeny ex machina. Simply put, I'm death insurance."

Actually, I'm a 27-year-old person of indeterminate gender* from Real Life (sigh). I am not cloned from a Crazy Awesome megalomaniacal genius and I have no plans to Take Over the World using reality-bending phlebotinum. I merely used the quotation to my own ends. Filling out my whatever means necessary.

Some say that applying tropes to oneself is conceited. Maybe it is, but the ability to do so has benefited me immensely. This page is my way of organizing my brain, so to speak. Creating and maintaining a simple yet thorough explanation of who and what I am is very head-clearing, and tropes do the job nicely.

My TABLE setting consists of CHOPSTICKS, CUPS to some degree, FORKS, SALT, and a WHISK. I refuse to set out NAPKINS, PEPPER, a SPOON, or TONGS.

I also have a cameo in Invader Zim Born Again Christian as "Projency Masheen", a flame rager in the final chapter who turns to ash and then dies.

*Pronouns: ze/zir

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