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Wolf Samurai needs no puny descriptions. But just because it's not needed doesn't mean it can't be done.

Hi, my name is Aaron and I'm a Trope addict. Mostly I just read, but I do add to the collective fount of knowledge when I have something that hasn't already been added. I'm most active here when it comes to RPGs, both Tabletop Games and Video Game Tropes. But I occasionally have something to say elsewhere as I read through. I'm active on LiveJournal and Journal Fen (same username on both) and I can be reached on Xbox Live under the gamertag Phelanar if you want to talk RPGs or games in general. I'm a contributor/host on several podcasts, like,, did a guest spot on The Tome Show, and have participated in several Actual Play podcasts.

Now, some randomness. Just because I can.

Tabletop Games currently played in:
  • Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition - I don't care what people say. I love 4e and think it's way better than previous editions. I'm currently playing in 2 games. A play by post game as an Elf Ranger and a bi-weekly online game as a Dragonborn Swordmage. I've recently begun to DM again, rebooting a campaign that I had been running locally for an online group. It's being recorded for an Actual Play podcast
  • Dresden Files RPG - I love this game and this system. I'm playing it with a small and very good group online and we're recording it for Actual Play podcasts. I love the Dresden Files novels and the FATE system is really a lot of fun, even if it does take a lot of work to get used to in having that kind of narrative control or back and forth negotiation with the GM.
  • Exalted - My awesome best friend has decided that she's going to dip her foot into the G Ming pool by running a play-by-post Exalted game and I can't wait to play.
  • Dragon Age - I admit, liscensed RP Gs are... hit or miss. Some are great, but some suck worse than the Twilight series. However, Dragon Age is excellent and a solid game. Just started a bi-weekly local game using the system.

Tabletop Games I'd ~like~ to be playing in:
  • CthulhuTech - Played in short lived online campaign for this. I love the concept, completely and utterly.
  • Unknown Armies - One of the best looking games that I've never gotten to play. It just seems incredibly awesome in all respects, from concept to setting to mechanics.
  • Paranoia - You're not cleared to know why I want to play this, citizen.
  • Fading Suns - I love the concept and setting, even if the mechanics are atrocious.
  • Trail Of Cthulhu - I love the mechanics so much. They're so much more suitable to the kind of Cthulhu Mythos games that I would like to play in. Not that Call of Cthulhu is bad, but Trail Of Cthulhu has the edge, I think.
  • Eclipse Phase - Honestly one of the more interesting and unique sci-fi concepts and settings I've seen in a long long while. I was initially skeptical of this one, but having gotten to read some of the core rulebook, I was proven wrong.
  • Diaspora - More specifically, I want to find someone to run a Star Wars skinned Diaspora game. I love the FATE system as I've mentioned and I think it'd make for really good Star Wars games.
  • The Laundry - Based on The Laundry Series of novels. I really dig the source material and the RPG really manages to capture that feel. That is, Call of Cthulhu meets The IT Crowd meets Paranoia.
  • Just more of the Warhammer 40K series of RP Gs. I really like all of them (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Deathwatch) for different game types.

Tabletop Games that I ~used~ to be playing in
  • Star Wars - Played as a human Jedi called Kalor Val. He's short, but awesome. However, Kalor died for... reasons that would be wanky to get into. Syr Talaan, a Togrutan martial artist, joined the party not long after and lasted until the conclusion of the game. Which was about 6 sessions. For much the same wanky reasons that Kalor Val died.
  • Mutants & Masterminds- Battlesuited hero William "Iron Wolf" Stewart fights the tyranny of insane Roman-wannabe The Praetorian along with his comrades. I have regretfully left the game and miss the system and the character.
  • Dark Heresy - My Forge-born Tech Priest is sadly no longer being played. The game has long since died, mostly because the GM is being deployed as an adviser to Afghanistan.
  • Shadowrun - Played as a Dwarf Hermetic mage by the handle Snowman. He can cast fireballs which can be seen from space. However, Snowman went on hiatus. Not dead, just not active. I made and played a stealthy Elven Physical Adept called Harbinger who uses a bow . Yes, a magical Elf with a bow. The cliche was intentional. The game itself has fallen apart though.

Recent Video Games I've played or will play: Well, I'm not playing video games like I used to. I haven't had the time, which is a shame. I still enjoy video games and play them when I can, but a lot of my free time is taken up my my tabletop RPG hobby. Games that I still play when I can? Dragon Age, Borderlands, Magicka, Poker Night at the Inventory, and a few others. I actually tend to watch more Let's Play videos than actually playing games recently. As messed up as that is.

Books I think are awesome:
  • John Dies at the End - So. Good. Rare that something alternatively creeps me out and makes me laugh so often as this did. The continual references in this wiki helped get me to finally read it.
  • Generation Kill - Read because of this wiki. Excellent book.
  • Ciaphas Cain - Also picked up because of this wiki, though I've been a Warhammer40000 fan for a long while anyway. Thoroughly enjoyable and a nice change of pace from the usual Warhammer stuff.
  • Deepgate Codex - Yet another series that I've begun in no small part due to this wiki. Sensing a theme? Quite enjoyable so far (I've only read Scar Night).
  • Night Watch - Just started reading this one but enjoy it so far. One more series that I picked up because of this wiki.

TV shows and movies I think are awesome
  • Man Vs Food - Maybe I'm weird, but the host is awesome and the food often looks great. If scary in terms of quantity or spice.
  • No Reservations - Anthony Bourdain is awesome. I don't always agree with him, but he's usually entertaining.
  • Alton Brown - Also entertaining and makes some damned good food.
  • MythBusters - I'd have to hand in my geek card if I didn't enjoy this.
  • Dirty Jobs - Mike Rowe is great and I wish I had his voice.
  • True Blood - Okay, I've just started watching (I'm in Season 2), but damn I love this show. Not because it's great TV, but holy crap is it great to snark at while watching it with people.

I'll add more later.