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Hey, I'm Sana Jisushi. Generally a nice person, I guess, but I do get incensed over people using jargon incorrectly. And I believe everyone should support canon pairings for every fandom in the universe. Honestly. Stop laughing. Otherwise, I guess I'm agreeable enough. Have a nice day?

Note before you rec me anything: I am a purist. Also: my reaction to Dark Fic is "who would do such a thing?", so if you write it for a happy, pure series, don't expect me to have a high opinion of you.
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And is in general a very busy woman. And loving it.
As you may have gathered, I am a purist. This extends to this very site. I know I'm not alone. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the Renamed Tropes that I absolutely refuse to call by their new names, and will fight tooth and nail to be put back the way they were. If you get offended? Good.

I'll admit that some names had to go, but these ones didn't: