Tropers / T-Jack

"There are people who want to be treated like idiots. I've dedicated my life to fulfilling their wish."
T-Jack's signature line

T-Jack is a long time lurker and not-that-active contributor. He aspires to become a writer, not a famous writer, just one with a small fanbase; however, his procrastination prevents him from fulfilling this dream. Notably, he spent a year as a contributor for the good "xkcd-sucks" blog and now he continues his "career" rambling about random stuff on his own blog Illegal Alpaca.

Note: For some reason, the wiki itself calls him TJack (note the distinct lack of prized hyphen). Might be important in case someone ever wanted to send him a PM.

He is the author of these tropes' YKTTWs:

Alternative Title(s): T Jack