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For all my life, I will never see/Anything quite as beautiful as a boat.

Full size here.

I'm female. A Splitter, as well as an aspiring animated film director. Not the best wiki curator, but I'm decent enough. I'm not a big fan of quotes, so I'm an enforcer of the 'one quote per Main Page' rule. Sometimes my avatars make me act differently. If I see the word '' anywhere I will zap it immediately. Also I draw stuff.

My Tumblr (art tag)

Current obsessions: Sonic the Hedgehog

Has created the page for:

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Currently helms:

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     Things I ship 

  • Hello, fellow animator.- Mr W
  • so whats napa like?-fringeman
  • This vandalism section Needs More Love. Love love love love love ~Bella
    • All it needs is love! Love! Love is all it needs! -Earl of Sandvich
    • As promised, more love for this page, from the same vandal.
  • *sets off a paint bomb* —a vandal
  • I am sorry about Bob, but I did what I had to do. He so deserved it. —OrangeSpider
  • A wild JERKFACE appeared! Wild JERKFACE used VANDALIZE! Critical hit!
  • Nyargh! —Anomalocaris
    • Foop!
  • Our voice chats are awesome. IT'S FOR DEX PURPOSES ONLY I SWEAR! — PippingFool
    • Well it is!
  • How's it going? — rmctagg09
    • Good.
  • I read your Troper Tales example for Nostalgia Filter, I totally agree with that. Shadow the Hedgehog is way better than any of the new Sonic games. What would you think of a sequel for St H being released?-zack7521
    • Not sure. I'd definitely give it a try, though.
  • Oh hai, Jane! Awesome pictures!Gamerex27
  • Jane! Jane, over here! Hey, Jane! Remember me? Jane! Jane! Hey! Hey, Jane! Remember me? It's me, Slouch! Over here Jane, over here! —Slouch
  • Jinjoman thinks you should forget about Beeheeyem and get a dang Swoobat.
    • And if I refuse?
      • If you refuse then I'll have to kill all the Beeheeyems in Unova.
  • This is vandalism. - Hobgoblin
  • So I read you don't like quotes. Well, here's one of my favorites, anyway... (—Sean Murray I)
"Some may never live, but the crazy never die."
  • How to Train Your Dragon in both forms is awesome! Good taste in works, my friend. —Not Hiccup (sadly)
  • This is also vandalism. - Hobgoblin
  • Well I said that I would. Nuclearneo577
  • Just passing by to say that that Zekrom/Reshiram pic is ADORABLE. I am very confused as to why it's not you and Elgyem on it tho. - Mister C
  • I wrote on your page!- Agent Dragonhunter
  • Muahahahaha. - Hobgoblin
  • Strawberryflavored fell from a branch, exploding and vandalizing your page.
  • Hey Jane can you make more pictures and show them more often. It would be awesome. - LittleQueen
  • How about a drawing of the Mythbusters? Jamie's moustache screams to be drawn. - Amused Troper Guy
  • Rawr! -Tacklepounce- — Wolf
  • Vandalism Specibus - Stalkkind ♥ — Akkie
  • I see that your new icon for the forums might possibly be a screenshot from Even Stanley's Ghosts of the Future. I approve! :D - TheMeddler
    • Actually, that Silver avatar was not a screenshot of Got F, but an original Silver image I made. Got F is amazing though.
      • Oh. Well, that's also very cool! And yes. Yes it is. :D

  • Hi Jane! I love Always Having Juice! - TheMeddler

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