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BRB, feeding the car.
-A typo she made.

Nekomata is a troper from Finland, making some minor edits here and there.

Currently 19 years old (still looking like 10-year-old.), she studies in her village's local upper secondary school, fighting with supervillains superheroes her grades and depression. Wants to be an author and/or a librarian when she grows up. A great fan of The Moomins and Eoin Colfer.

If you want to find her from the Intarwebz, try dA,, Youtube Tumblr and Twitter. Can also be found randomly lurking in the Troper IRC Channel by the name "Nekomata" or "Failcat".

You may call her "Nekomata" or "Failcat". Whichever suits you better.

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  • Meg The Maggot: Hey, I know you from the Cuanta Vida forums. Hi!
  • AlBundyFan365: Hey, you also like listening to music by The Beatles, maybe even more than or just as much as me. That's great because they're the best band ever, am I right? Plus, for Loads and Loads of Characters, what do you mean by "And they all are her children"? I have no intention to be rude, it's just that when I read it, I became confused as to what that means. Anyway, if you want to, you can go visit my Troper page. Also, PLEASE try to leave a nice comment about it for me, OK? Life is better with friends, not enemies.
  • I have magically found this page, random person. Love, anonymous troper who totally doesn't know you-
    • Nekomata: Daha, I saw your nickname on the page history, YOU WERE CAUGHT. >:D But hello, fellow Finn!
  • You seem like an awesome Troper,so This Troper figured he'd say hi
    • Did you update your trope page,because I seem to relate more to you o:
  • Hello to Finland. Make sure to pass by my profile. - Amused Troper Guy
  • Nekomata? There's someone in my Pokémon Online clan with that name. You wouldn't, by chance, happen to be a member of the Magnet Risers, would you? (If not, hello anyway, friend!) - Blake Diamond