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I am addicted to this site, and have probably read most of the pages. I had the chronic problem of not italicizing titles, but now it is a quest to seek out unitalicized titles and slap some apostrophes around them. Other than that I try to browse the site, fixing syntax and spelling. I am always tempted to "fix" British word spellings.

A fan of science shows, RTS games, and anime (though I'd never let anyone know that IRL). In fact, I like all types of animation, from experimental to mainstream, US or Japanese.

(Random fact: I bought an unused $380 printer new at a second-hand store for $5. As a 9-pin dot-matrix, the ribbon cartridges cost $5. Ha! Too bad that a box of printer paper costs 5 times what I paid for the printer.)

Couldn't wait for The Red Links to return. My callsign is KD7ZHP, if you want to send me a radiogram.
Links for myself: Cut List, Ask The Tropers, Recently New, Latest media, Contributor Announcements, Made of Win,,

I have so far contributed:

The initial entries:




The pictures for:

I also mirrored a bunch of Citizen's manga pictures for readability.

Former sound clips for:

Other than that I mostly edit grammatical stuff. Currently I have some shows stored on my hard drives, so I will occasionally pull up screen captures from those shows to add.

Notes to self:

  • Act break echo,
  • narration summation,
  • mismatched breaks.
  • after the hero is injured, the girl will hit him and say "Idiot, why'd you have to do that!" Come on, he's already hurt! Also, if he's knocked out, she may halfheartedly beat on him saying "Dummy!" Usually after he sacrifices his health (or life) to save her.
  • Scary trackers
  • {{Zap!}}
Law of Alien Names, Numbered Homeworld

Also: Cue The Sun example (Not Himself (herself) fight). I really don't want to, but it's a great example.

181 Wicks!
Problems: Near Villain Victory, Trauma Conga Line

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