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Oh, you're here. Hello.
Didn't expect you to actually click on the link. Most people don't, really.
Well, if you're here to vandalise my troper wall, it's that a-way.
But you can stay and read if you want to, I guess.


7 Trivial Stuff About Me

  1. "RandomAdventure" actually does have a deeper meaning behind it. First, it's basic Wish Fulfillment. My life is pretty boring, and so I would most likely have Jumped at the Call if the opportunity arises. It can happen at any time and I'm prepared to accept it no matter how dangerous it is. Anything to break the monotony of life, really. So you could say that I'm always up for a "random adventure". (beat) I know it's lame, no need to tell me. Second and more importantly, it also represents my view on TV Tropes. Since the entire website is a very extensive wiki on the usages of tropes in any fiction imaginable, there is always one article that you haven't read before. One single click, and you end up going on a Wiki Walk. I always found reading through it to be an interesting learning experience. An "adventure", so to speak. And let's just say I've used the "random trope" button a lot. Yeah.
  2. Once upon a time, I was really into this Door Stopper of a fanfic for a certain animated show called CRISIS Equestria. Keen to keep up with its sporadic updates, I googled its name and ended up stumbling onto its trope page. I read the entire page out of curiosity, though I didn't understand much of it at the time. Inevitably, I clicked on one of those enticing blue links and was led into a whole new world of tropes. And from that point onwards, TV Tropes ruined my life. After several weeks of Archive Binge, I developed a yearning to contribute to the wiki, which therefore led to me becoming a troper. And now I'm here. Woohoo.