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Tropers: Random Adventure
Random Adventure being a noob (and she still is)

RandomAdventure is a 14 year old girl who is obsessed with My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic and Minecraft.
She dreams to be an author or an artist someday... if she could even reach that standard in the first place. (She's still trying, though.)
She found out about TV Tropes when she did a Google search for a certain fanfic she was reading one day and stumbled upon its trope entry. She became fascinated with tropes, and started using this site frequently, which later led to her becoming a troper.

Pops into the TV Tropes forum actually, ever since she started roleplaying. Barely edits anything on the actual site. School's a bitch. And laziness too.

She has a troper wall here. Feel free to vandalise/write anything there.
Here's her Tumblr.note 
She's on a HUGE hiatus right now.

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You made it all the way to here? I'm impressed.

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