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A small-time contributor and forum poster hailing from Moscow, Russia; single (yet taken), Gemini, age 27, agnostic, and yes, that's really his face on his forum avatar.

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1 - Apparently, there isn't an inoffensive form of this trope? The Klutz is someone who is ONLY this, after all.

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  • Позвольте вандализировать на основе того что вы Довольно Крутой Чувак. (Мы не особенно сталкивались но я обожаю ваши посты.) -Litis
    • А мне интересны оказались ваши, так что всегда пожалуйста =)
  • I couldn't think of anything witty, so I wrote this. - Spirit
  • I don't read cyrillic, but it looks like a cool alphabet. - Amused Troper Guy
    • Yes, yes it is. We have 33 letters in it, that helps a bit=)
  • If you're slow(like Kalaong), yes, his name is "Chameleon" spelled backwards.
    • I believe I did list that trope in the above description, or that wasn't me? 0_0 In any case, nice to see you here, Kal =)

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