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I was sitting beside a cute girl during lecture, and some guy in the back asked a dumb question. The whole class cracked up and the girl turns to me and says, “wow that guy is pretty dumb lol”. My immediate response was, “yeah he must be an arts major”. Then she gave me this “wtf” look because she was probably in arts... along with 90% of the class. To make things worse, I’m an arts major too.
This applies only to Dad’s who have sons that are breast fed. The #^@&ing worst thing ever is the look. It usually happens six months to a year after he is born when he is alert and aware, and suckling contentedly. You look on, and this sour bitterness creeps up the back of your throat as you realize it has been almost a year since you have been able to see any action with that bosom AND IT IS ALL HIS FAULT. You slowly regain control of yourself and remind yourself that this is your son, the fruit of your loins, the carrier of your name. Then he stops feeding, turns his head, looks up at you, and a small smile tugs the corner of his mouth. His eyes alive with mischief, he looks at you as if to say “too bad old man, these babies are mine now”. And there isn’t a #^@&ing thing you can do about it.

I suppose fatherhood and breastfeeding has their downfalls Mani :x

Basically I have given up and am working on growing my own boobs.
Manifesto7 and Wala.Revolution, also from Pony Tales 4

Neobowman is a StarCraft enthusiast who wanders around TV tropes in all of his spare time. He enjoys many anime, and is always looking for new ones to watch. Is a TF 2 player in his spare time and eats cookies.

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