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Illusionist is an arrogant bastard who won't think twice about insulting you with as much vitriol as he can muster given half a reason. However, one of my many quirks is best summed up as 'Do not fire unless fired upon'. This sometimes produces odd results.

Mostly a lurker, popping up to add the occasional entry. Previously edited under the name Eltharion until I switched to this one. Has a tendency to go off on tangents. Lives in the Philippines, specifically in Manila, presently studying in the University of the Philippines, Baguio. Is of the opinion that there are too many Koreans in this country and has a penchant of referring to them as 'outlanders'. Also holds a low opinion of Amerik?r. However, I generally judge by individual and am open to being proven wrong.

Came by this wiki sometime before October of 2008. I was following a link from somewhere, probably The Other Wiki, and ended up on I Am Spartacus. Then the inevitable happened.

A devotee of:

Particularly likes:

Tropes I can vaguely remember adding to:
  • Ear Worm (The single-asterisk one to introduce the National Anthem of the Soviet Union. Also corrected the title of the Philippine one. Don't worry, even us locals make the same mistake.)
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome
  • Fan Nickname
  • May be more. Can't remember them at the moment.

Has the following tropes in his life in some form or other:
  • Grammar Nazi (Used self-deprecatingly, though I like to think I'm a bit looser than others. Still - HEIL SPELLCHECK!)
  • Acceptable Targets (Koreans and Americans.
  • Fan Dumb (A Benign Easily Impressed one. Except in some cases, like...)
  • Even Evil Has Standards (Soulstorm, goddamnit. There's halfway-decent games, and then there's bloody stupidity.)
  • Fan Nickname (Teh Wiki for The Other Wiki. Among many others.)
  • I Call It "Vera" (My old and battered Toshiba laptop is Teh Lappie. My coats and jackets are named after Titans from Titanicus.)
  • Hot for Student (The majority of my uni's school population for the aforesaid Philo 1 professor. Oddly enough, averted in my case.)