Tropers / Infinity Or None

Infinity Or None here. I'm not like the other tropers. I don't bother with grand galleries of edits or personal bios or character stories. I'm just a guy who came to TV Tropes back in 2010 and found places he could atart improving things. I'm just a guy, nothing more and nothing less.

That said, there are things about me that warrant mention. If I'm pissed off, you'll know. When I see something that I find particularly stupid or wrong, I won't hesitate to make my stupid juvinal nerd rage clear. Things that piss me off most? The 5P, Fast Eddie, the entirety of the results of The Second Google Incident, and people who misuse the trope Crazy Awesome. Each of these things will gain my derision, but I play by the rules so only the last one will feel my rage.

Well, I think that's all I've got to say. Later, and keep the hate alive!