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Due to the recent cancellation of both versions of Serien Serials, Thomas Castle has started another new project, as of February 2012. This new project, entirely unrelated to anything he's done before, is the story of the teenage superheroes Solar Girl and Moonshine and is told in real-time through Solar Girl's Wordpress blog and accompanying Twitter page. There's also an official info page on Thomas Castle's own website, which gives regularly-updated information on new characters in the story, usually moments after they appear.

As a superhero story, the adventures of Solar Girl and Moonshine attempts to blend superhero tropes with New Media tropes with the use of Solar Girl's internet addiction and rather modern worldview, as well as containing elements of pulpy raygun gothic fiction and fairy tales, to be seen in the future.

Let's see how long this one lasts this time.

Staying true to its comic book roots, Solar Girl has developed something of a shared universe, referred to as the Solarverse. Information about author policy on the shared universe is here, but in the meantime, the list of writers so far include:

Describe Thomas Castle here, bitch.

Indeed, how does one describe Thomas Castle? In short, the loner of the group; the badass longcoat in a world of badass normals; the antihero who never really does anything bad, just not good; the Briton in America; and on top of it all, a writer who can't really write outside of ideas and really detailed outlines. With a fascination for steampunk and pirates, comedy and drama, humour and horror, redundancy and repetition, repetition and redundancy, and most importantly pot holing, Thomas Castle discovered this wiki through a long and increasingly confusing series of events and, through another long and increasingly confusing series of events, slowly integrated himself into the TVTropes culture and instantly felt at home. Soon after, this was created. For some odd reason, he wants to see it come to fruition the modification of the entire Saw film franchise into musicals.

He once slapped himself with a drying Pan, who had just finished bathing with a bunch of nymphs. Soon after, he learned that if a bearded male character dies and comes back to life he's Jesus, but if a bearded female character dies and comes back to life she's ninjas.

Also, he's a Shinigami who works every other day. He does his best work with his pants down but he's allowed to wear pants on his days off, except for NO PANTS DAY!. His name on-duty is Non Sequitur Man.

Thomas Castle is responsible for ''Thomas Castle's Therapist Adventures!: Enter The Beverly Hills Trope: Revenge Of The Doom Song: Electric Boogaloo; Or, Castle And Xingjio: The Long Coat Brigadiers Of Troperville: The Joyful Requiem Of Pursuing Sanity: The Idiot Ball Of Trope-tan: The Horror Of A World With No Therapists: The Story: Part 42000'', a story based on TVTropes itself. It's currently being remade because of confusion and ADCD, which he is a major sufferer of. He promises that the remake will be along shortly, along with two prequel groups of four seasons and a telefilm that are vaguely important to the origins of Troperville. He should also note that, while the two prequels, the telefilm, and the main story itself are not based on TVTropes itself, the city of Troperville is and, due to his ADCD, there is another series of stories in the works that are directly based on Trope-tan and occur in ostensibly the same universe as the rest of The New Lancaster Saga.

He is also responsible for the ''The Shack By The River'' series, an ongoing series of short stories that is more or less being made up as it goes. In addition, he's responsible for the dissonant canons of Afterimages and The Nightmare Stories, which take place in more or less the same universe as The Shack By The River stories. However, the entire thing is as solid as a dream due to taking place inside a dreamland at the heart of a reality, so continuity errors are par for the course.

Together, with his brother That Other Fellow, they fight crime in the city of Chicago.

With all of that said, you can go now.

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