Tropers / Thomas Castle

Thomas Castle is a long-time troper and longer-time writer. He grew up watching and loving horror movies and being wrapped up in his own little world, which eventually developed into a love of worldbuilding. After a number of failed projects and false starts, he finally stumbled onto a hit with Sorrows Of Blackwood, a franchise of serials set in and around the forests of Inglenook Valley. Each series in the franchise is an ensemble character drama that spans the genre spectrum from gothic horror to urban fantasy to modern fairy tale, all of which build up one large and interconnected universe.

The headlining series of the franchise is Solemn Graces, the aforementioned gothic horror series. Planned to run for quite a while, it stars a goth witch by the name of Grace Morgan, who discovers the dark and foreboding town of Grimstead hiding away in Blackwood Forest. This terrifying town is a world where nightmares and superstitions are real and where supernatural mysteries pop up on a daily basis. Grace takes it upon herself to investigate them - with a little help from her partner, a local gravedigger known as Gallo Belgrave.

If you'd like to get content from this and other series early and support Thomas in his writing, he has a Patreon page where you can do just that. He's also the owner of two Discord servers: one for Sorrows Of Blackwood and one for general chatting with a bunch of cool nerds.

Like any writer, Thomas has been influenced by a lot of shows and books throughout his life. Some of his favorites include: