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"You know you're tired when you misread Borderlands as Battletoads."

A twentysomething American troper with a fondness for Widget Series. Lurks the Wiki making edits here and there, but focuses most of her attention on the pages she herself created. She also has a trio of fandom-based Original Characters, but were made with the intention of being flexible enough to adapt elsewhere. Their (more interesting and slightly less self-indulgent) profiles are under construction.

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A 99-year-old kitsune who works as a traveling street magician (when she's not drinking and partying). Her twin brother is Gonta, an OC Stand In who worked under Shogun Hannya in Legend of the Mystical Ninja and has a Secret Relationship with Princess Yuki. Ririka first encounters Goemon and the gang during a staged kidnapping to help Gonta gain the trust of Oedo Castle's denizens by playing hero - naturally, things go horribly wrong. The two foxes wind up imprisoned, but are eventually pardoned. Since her release, Ririka is back to her usual trickster self.
    Cleo Marron 
A 10-year-old girl from Hawaii who moved to Snow Town with her adoptive father to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Aside from the obvious change in climate, A New Transfer Student, Cleo is unaccustomed to attending public school (due to homeschooling), so she has yet to really fit in with her peers - her lack of snowboarding ability doesn't help matters any, either. Luckily, she has put her artistic talent to use by running the Bleach & Wear Booth at Mr. Dog's shop, hoping that the experience will help realize her dream of becoming a stylist to the stars.
    Wild Rose 
An 18-year-old daughter of Chief Morning Dew, ruler of the planet Manitou. As the eldest of five siblings, Wild Rose was expected to one day become successor. Though devoted to her people, she hides a deep dissatisfaction with having little control over her future. She eventually grew to become one of the most powerful warriors in the world thanks to her capoeira training, which came in handy when the Galands invaded to steal the Mother Tree's life-giving sap. Realizing that protecting the galaxy is her true calling, Wild Rose joins Jack and Ryu after recieving her mother's reluctant blessing.

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