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Allaboutsoul loves Second Life. This is a picture of her avatar.
Allaboutsoul is a female from Pennsylvania who enjoys literature and Video Games. Her favorite video game is Tales of Symphonia, and she has many favorite books. Just a few of them are Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, the Harry Potter series and the Artemis Fowl series.

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Allaboutsoul takes her username from a Billy Joel song of the same name, as Billy Joel is her favorite musician.

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By all means, feel free to vandalize below.

  • I've never listened to Billy Joel. Sorry. ~ Aliroz The Confused.
  • Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! I know you got soul, if you didn't you wouldn't be in here. ~ goodtimesfreegrog
  • jcruz@tvtropes:~/tropers/allaboutsoul$ sudo vandal2tpage
    • Initializing vandalysis routine...
    • Pre-determining key input sequence... done.
    • Buffering key input stream... done.
    • Flushing stream... error: program returned with error code 42!
      • Error console output: snark daemon threw an AnnoyingVandalException.
  • Hi! :3 ~Fuzy2K
  • Hi from another Billy Joel fan, and it looks like we've got similar tastes in books too. - Ozbourne
    • Replace "Billy Joel" with "Tales Of Symphonia" in the above and you have my vandalism. - Malph