Tropers / Zilo

"Yeah, you're a pretty cool family. I think I'll keep you."

Somewhere, in sunny Florida, there lives a family of four: Mom, Jaz, Taz, and Zilo. Living life, and finding their ways, the family sticks together no matter what. And the "what" comes in a variety of flavors, from stalker boyfriends to possessed cars, to The Great Cat Movement of 2003. Zilo, the protagonist, an avid fan of reading, writing, and drawing, is the main cause of the family's hair-raising adventures (though you really can't blame the possessed car on her). She spends most of her time plunked in front of a computer, traveling through a bizarre and dangerous land known as the Internet.

One day she finds a link leading to place called TV Tropes and the rest was history. Her life turns into a land of tropes and her family is unwillingly dragged along for the ride. As they try to weather the new set of problems they have to deal with, Zilo tries to find a way to save her family from this strange new menace.

Heralded as the best story of all time in every single genre ever.

This life features examples of: