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Hello! I am THeKiKOpeRsON (or KiKO). I've used that capitalization since I made the first account with that name (on

Is now an adult (yay!) but probably doesn't act like it. Also doesn't look like it, going by the lady from Sacred Earth asking if I was twelve. (May 2012: this appears to be genetic, since when my mum and I were at crochet group someone told my mum that she'd been crocheting socks for her children long before my mum was born. Turns out my mother is two years older than her eldest daughter.) (October 2012: mum was talking to another lady in the crochet group, and told her about how recently I was asked by a cashier how school was going, and I'd replied that I was 20. The lady literally was like :O for 10 seconds before saying that she'd thought I was 13.) Don't have a job, either. Really need to work on that, but I cannot figure out what I want to do.

Tends to get really obsessive over some things and go on and on about them. It's quite strange how much I type, especially considering how much I talk (not a lot at all).

Incredibly introverted. I am that girl who has only a few very close friends and never talks to anyone else. And even then, hardly ever to the close friends. Most of them don't have the same interests. Love them all anyways ^.^

Can kinda draw, but the drawings aren't very good (except maybe one or two things). Has written one fanficton, but that got completely stuck. Plus it wasn't very good. Likes proofreading.

Really wants to be Crazy-Prepared. I would really like a list of stuff that I should put in a bag or box to bring around with me. I should probably get some rope, too. And more first-aidy stuff.

I Love cats, but I likely won't a Crazy Cat Lady when I get older. Also I don't particularly care for dogs. They're cute, but I don't really like them much, too dependant compared to cats.

Currently obsessing over:

  • My Pokémon game (Diamond) that I stopped playing August 4th 2009 and started playing again sometime in May this year.
  • The new Sherlock Holmes movie. The new Sherlock Holmes movie. You'd think I'd find something useful to do rather than watch that again and again and again. Like watch that Doctor Who DVD I haven't watched yet. Or clean my room. Or find a job. Or learn to sew or knit so that I can make stuff to sell at carboot sales.
(As of May 2012 I have done all of these except for the job thing, and I've only sewn one thing and I've recently learned to crochet, which isn't really knitting but close enough. Also I only learned it 16th of May? And it's the 25th now. I want to make a TARDIS. Need to learn more than two stitches)

Currently loves/watching:
  • Doctor Who
  • Transformers (so far I've like most of what I've seen)
  • Knight Rider (haven't seen the new series yet, as the DVD hasn't been released in region 4, and Hulu doesn't work in Australia)(As of 17June2010, I have seen the 1st and 3rd episode of the new series. Not the pilot episode unfortunately, didn't even know it'd been on til it had ended. The reason I missed the 2nd was because of the same reason that I can't watch Lie to Me, mentioned below. The reason I watched the 3rd one was because State of Origion is on instead of Hey Hey and we don't watch sport. I want a Digital Set Top Box so I can watch it.)
  • Top Gear
  • Bones
  • Castle
  • NCIS
  • Good News Week. Oh, that show.

...And that's all I can think of for current loves and stuff I'm watching. Not so current:

I'm quite sure that is not all, but it's all I can think of at the moment.


haven't updated this for ages. Putting link to becuase I keep forgetting what it's called.


Again, haven't updated for ages. I like Red vs. Blue now. Not so much Good News Week, but then that was Good News World last I checked. Talkin' 'bout Your Generation has replaced it. Anyways, putting first known post up so I can remember.