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Troper Habits: On-and-off Wiki Curator for the So You Want To/See The Index. Half-assed Entry Pimp for The Neverending Road. Aside from that... well, occasionally I'll put up examples, but mostly I just correct grammar and formatting mistakes.

One of these days I intend to create a page for Satan: His Psychotherapy and Cure by the Unfortunate Dr. Kassler, J.S.P.S.

I'm a very rare poster on the forums. I largely missed the boat on the naming controversies due to mostly lurking and rarely visiting the forums, but am ostensibly a supporter of PLATTER, with a dose of KNIVES and WHISK.

One of the main reasons why I like TV Tropes so much is because of my love of stories. I love stories in any medium, and in any genre, so long as they're done well. It matters much less to me whether or not a story has a happy or a sad ending, or what the subject matter is, or whether the characters are even likeable, so long as it's well done. Maybe it makes me a bit of a story connoisseur... there are some stories I absolutely didn't enjoy for varying reasons, while admitting wholeheartedly that they were well done and that it was specifically because of my own hang-ups that I didn't like them. The Sorrows of Young Werther is probably the best example. I absolutely loathe Werther as a character, which makes the whole thing a pain to read... but it's really well-written, with good characterization and description, and a decent plot. I'm the same way with Fargo, for the most part, and a lot of other works. Let it not be said that I can't appreciate quality.

One of my great passions is history, and I think a lot of that is because it's kind of like the greatest, most intricate and in-depth story ever, and I often say that the most well-realized characters in fiction pale in comparison to the nuance of real people.

My personal brand of Wish Fulfillment fantasy is verbally confronting villains from fiction and trying to get them to make Heel Face Turns, because I can't let them hurt people or myself, nor can I hurt them or let them be hurt. Annoyingly, my logical mind only goes so far, and the fantasy either stops somewhere where an impasse is reached or some other failure in my goal occurs (like them not heeding me and trying to hurt me). I suppose there are good and bad ways to look at that. On the one hand, it shows a rather grandiose and arrogant kind of Chronic Hero Syndrome on my part, while on the other it kind of shows I can make a realistic assessment of my abilities.

     Favorite Tropes 
I generally appreciate these tropes a lot when done right, though none of them should be used in just any situation. A lot of them are favorites due to aligning well with my personal sensibilities. I'm also more likely to play these straight in my own stories.

     Pet Peeve Tropes 
These lists mostly apply only when played straight, and none of them can break a work on their own.

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