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19th Jun 18 09:04:06Series.Inhumans
18th Jun 18 04:41:34YMMV.Goldfinger
14th Jun 18 07:30:07Characters.The Jungle Book 2016
14th Jun 18 04:14:11Creator.Roger Moore
3rd Jun 18 08:45:06Comic Strip.Prince Valiant
3rd Jun 18 07:30:23Creator.King Features Syndicate
3rd Jun 18 07:03:58Light Novel.Full Metal Panic
2nd Jun 18 11:11:43Characters.Agents Of SHIELD
28th May 18 03:09:19Characters.World War Z
22nd May 18 09:46:14Franchise.Marvel Cinematic Universe
13th May 18 03:23:58Creator.Disney Streaming Service
29th Apr 18 05:39:09Creator.Klasky Csupo
23rd Apr 18 12:06:55Comic Book.Y The Last Man
23rd Mar 18 03:48:39Tropers.Mr ZAP
22nd Mar 18 09:21:07Tropers.Mr ZAP
22nd Mar 18 09:17:30Tropers.Mr ZAP
22nd Mar 18 09:17:13Tropers.Mr ZAP
9th Mar 18 11:55:53Recap.The Fiveish Doctors Reboot
9th Mar 18 08:31:26Creator.Guillermo Del Toro
22nd Feb 18 07:12:06Ignored Expert
16th Feb 18 04:31:02Characters.Being Human UK
15th Jan 18 09:48:36Fan Fic.The Neverending Road
12th Jan 18 05:51:39Fan Fic.The Neverending Road
12th Jan 18 05:11:47Funny.The Neverending Road
12th Jan 18 05:09:41Awesome.The Neverending Road
12th Jan 18 05:06:23Fan Fic.The Neverending Road
7th Jan 18 06:06:48Film.The Man From Earth
1st Jan 18 03:03:50Characters.Lost Charlies Flashback Characters
4th Dec 17 01:11:54Creator.Choice Of Games
30th Nov 17 05:17:38Characters.World War Z
30th Nov 17 04:40:40Creator Killer.Film Individual Creators
30th Nov 17 04:40:06Creator Killer.Film Individual Creators
30th Nov 17 04:23:44Trivia.Young Frankenstein
18th Nov 17 02:00:31Comic Book.Elektra
15th Nov 17 08:51:43Anime.Miss Hokusai
5th Nov 17 10:37:10Film.Sky High 2005
31st Oct 17 07:11:13Tropers.Mr ZAP
31st Oct 17 05:08:39Funny.Samurai Flamenco
14th Oct 17 05:08:10Creator.Chiwetel Ejiofor
23rd Aug 17 08:13:46Tropers.Mr ZAP
23rd Aug 17 07:29:00Tropers.Mr ZAP
23rd Aug 17 06:57:13Creator.Alicia Vikander
23rd Aug 17 04:58:53Creator.Mads Mikkelsen
23rd Aug 17 06:12:50Tropers.Mr ZAP
5th Aug 17 03:11:26Characters.MCU Inhuman Royal Family
26th Jul 17 03:38:40Trivia.Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated
8th Jul 17 10:40:32Creator.Nathan Fillion
6th Jul 17 06:40:59The Wiki Rule.Anime And Manga
6th Jul 17 05:24:08The Wiki Rule
30th Jun 17 12:57:25Visual Novel.Go Go Nippon
29th Jun 17 03:35:29Characters.Austin Powers
11th Jun 17 05:22:08YMMV.Blow
31st May 17 02:35:23Film.Amores Perros
8th May 17 05:37:35Tear Jerker.A Scotsman In Egypt
1st May 17 12:39:36Useful Notes.Saudi Arabia
27th Apr 17 03:26:56Laconic.Lost In Translation
14th Nov 16 03:01:22Characters.Ouran High School Host Club
28th Sep 16 07:04:38Bunny Ears Lawyer
2nd Jun 16 03:14:12Useful Notes.Barbary Coast Wars
30th May 16 10:53:03Creator.Genndy Tartakovsky
30th May 16 10:20:32Creator.Maurice La Marche
27th May 16 09:16:20YMMV.Heavenly Creatures
27th May 16 09:13:37Film.Heavenly Creatures
24th May 16 02:24:57Film.Reservoir Dogs
19th May 16 04:41:47YMMV.Star Wars Battlefront 2015
18th May 16 05:56:05Visual Novel.Rose Guns Days
12th May 16 03:46:08Manga.Beet The Vandel Buster
8th May 16 10:25:36Video Game.Zombie Army Trilogy
8th May 16 09:43:22Video Game.Rampage
7th May 16 11:33:14Video Game.Age Of Empires
31st Mar 16 01:07:19Film.Amistad
27th Feb 16 03:02:45Creator.Domhnall Gleeson
23rd Feb 16 07:50:25Film.Carol
23rd Feb 16 03:27:10YMMV.The Hateful Eight
23rd Feb 16 03:11:41Film.The Hateful Eight
2nd Feb 16 04:25:32Tropers.Mr ZAP
25th Dec 15 03:55:26Creator.Black Isle Studios
29th Nov 15 05:13:59Creator.Daedalic Entertainment
29th Nov 15 04:08:54Disney Owns This Trope
10th Nov 15 09:58:36Useful Notes.Dwight D Eisenhower
10th Nov 15 09:50:21Useful Notes.Dwight D Eisenhower
1st Nov 15 10:11:16Characters.Enders Game
22nd Oct 15 02:10:54Characters.Valkyria Chronicles
19th Oct 15 04:57:39Series.Thirtysomething
7th Sep 15 02:48:28Characters.Sword Art Online Aincrad
23rd Aug 15 03:05:56YMMV.Scrubs
23rd Aug 15 03:01:24Characters.Dexter Recurring Characters
10th Jul 15 11:35:47Characters.Being Human UK
26th Mar 15 12:03:28Characters.Mokepon
26th Mar 15 12:00:04Characters.Mokepon
25th Mar 15 11:59:08Characters.Mokepon
12th Feb 15 11:16:41Literature.Republic Commando Series
12th Feb 15 10:26:37Drinking Game.Republic Commando Series
12th Feb 15 10:20:36Drinking Game.Republic Commando Series
12th Feb 15 10:20:07Drinking Game.Republic Commando Series
7th Feb 15 07:55:09Tropers.Mr ZAP
7th Feb 15 06:26:57Tropers.Mr ZAP
7th Feb 15 03:52:07Tropers.Mr ZAP
7th Feb 15 02:01:31Tropers.Mr ZAP
6th Feb 15 09:24:05Tropers.Mr ZAP
6th Feb 15 07:10:02Characters.Fairy Tail Dark Guilds
6th Feb 15 07:03:30Tropers.Mr ZAP
6th Feb 15 07:02:52Tropers.Mr ZAP
6th Feb 15 07:02:33Tropers.Mr ZAP
6th Feb 15 02:45:47Tropers.Mr ZAP
6th Feb 15 02:18:07Tropers.Mr ZAP
4th Feb 15 07:13:38Anime.Tsukuyomi Moon Phase
4th Feb 15 06:12:35Anime.Tsukuyomi Moon Phase
4th Feb 15 03:47:06Acceptable Hard Luck Targets
4th Feb 15 03:28:25Height Angst
4th Feb 15 01:40:47Tear Jerker.Homicide Life On The Street
3rd Feb 15 03:52:54Anime.Tsukuyomi Moon Phase
2nd Feb 15 09:25:54Creator.Tokyopop
31st Jan 15 10:55:33Tear Jerker.Paddington
29th Jan 15 04:41:21Tropers.Mr ZAP
29th Jan 15 04:40:22Tropers.Mr ZAP
29th Jan 15 12:02:26Tropers.Mr ZAP
28th Jan 15 10:05:50Tropers.Mr ZAP
26th Jan 15 07:22:50Tropers.Mr ZAP
26th Jan 15 07:19:10Tropers.Mr ZAP
23rd Jan 15 01:03:28The Magazine Rule
22nd Jan 15 10:26:26The Wiki Rule
21st Jan 15 09:40:59Tropers.Mr ZAP
21st Jan 15 08:13:39Tropers.Mr ZAP
21st Jan 15 08:12:10Tropers.Mr ZAP
21st Jan 15 06:23:37Tropers.Mr ZAP
21st Jan 15 06:05:51Tropers.Mr ZAP
21st Jan 15 06:05:20Tropers.Mr ZAP
21st Jan 15 05:52:50Tropers.Mr ZAP
21st Jan 15 04:44:08Tropers.Mr ZAP
21st Jan 15 04:25:15Tropers.Mr ZAP
20th Jan 15 10:27:56Tropers.Mr ZAP
20th Jan 15 09:57:54Tropers.Mr ZAP
20th Jan 15 09:09:36Tropers.Mr ZAP
7th Jan 15 11:05:02Dream Team
7th Jan 15 11:04:35Dream Team
7th Jan 15 05:12:20Fan Fic.The Neverending Road
1st Jan 15 08:18:41Tropers.Mr ZAP
1st Jan 15 07:23:31Tropers.Mr ZAP
1st Jan 15 07:01:20Tropers.Mr ZAP
1st Jan 15 06:11:48Tropers.Mr ZAP
1st Jan 15 05:17:51Tropers.Mr ZAP
1st Jan 15 04:57:14Tropers.Mr ZAP
1st Jan 15 04:36:33Tropers.Mr ZAP
29th Dec 14 04:54:46If You Kill Him You Will Be Just Like Him
28th Dec 14 11:37:59Creator.Paradox Interactive
25th Dec 14 08:09:44Film.Into The Woods
25th Dec 14 08:09:21Film.Into The Woods
23rd Dec 14 03:18:04Alchemy Is Magic
23rd Dec 14 02:52:39Characters.Fullmetal Alchemist Anime
22nd Dec 14 10:39:26Red Is Heroic
19th Dec 14 01:47:36Tropers.Mr ZAP
19th Dec 14 01:20:20Tropers.Mr ZAP
18th Dec 14 11:47:13Tropers.Mr ZAP
18th Dec 14 11:24:06Tropers.Mr ZAP
18th Dec 14 11:04:13Tropers.Mr ZAP
18th Dec 14 09:47:16YMMV.Fullmetal Alchemist
18th Dec 14 09:21:33Tropers.Mr ZAP
18th Dec 14 04:08:02Tropers.Mr ZAP
18th Dec 14 03:46:46Tropers.Mr ZAP
18th Dec 14 01:55:56Characters.Hikaru No Go
18th Dec 14 01:52:47Characters.Hikaru No Go
16th Dec 14 11:21:43YMMV.The 10 Doctors
16th Dec 14 08:32:49WMG.The Lord Of The Rings
16th Dec 14 07:28:39Fan Fic.The Neverending Road
16th Dec 14 04:18:53Fanfic Recs.Animorphs
15th Dec 14 02:30:04Fan Fic.The Neverending Road
15th Dec 14 02:08:42Fan Fic.The Neverending Road
15th Dec 14 10:18:26Fan Fic.The Neverending Road
12th Dec 14 05:10:33Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
6th Dec 14 08:21:08Useful Notes.Vlad The Impaler
6th Dec 14 05:07:26Video Game.T Sukumogami
29th Nov 14 09:24:58Film.The Judge
25th Nov 14 08:24:37Preppy Name
21st Oct 14 07:21:10Characters.Mokepon
21st Oct 14 04:27:19The Scrappy.Film
18th Oct 14 07:12:39Awesome.Dragon Ball
18th Oct 14 02:51:38Theyre Called Personal Issues For A Reason
17th Oct 14 11:32:11Sinister Schnoz
10th Aug 14 12:57:54Video Game.Game Dev Tycoon
5th May 14 04:56:52Forgiven But Not Forgotten
23rd Apr 14 06:36:07Headscratchers.The Prestige
16th Apr 14 10:49:30What Do You Mean Its Not Political
16th Apr 14 08:37:12Creator.Grant Morrison
16th Apr 14 04:30:55Villainous Friendship
4th Apr 14 01:33:59So You Want To.See The Index
3rd Apr 14 09:41:33YMMV.Homestar Runner
13th Mar 14 12:52:31YMMV.Watchmen
13th Mar 14 12:52:20YMMV.Watchmen
21st Jan 14 08:41:29Higher Education Is For Women
16th Jan 14 01:53:57Sex Equals Love
16th Jan 14 01:53:24Sex Equals Love
10th Jan 14 10:54:14Creator.Alexander Payne
6th Jan 14 03:16:49Characters.The Walking Dead Comic
31st Dec 13 01:58:19Deliberate Injury Gambit
31st Dec 13 12:00:26Film.The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
30th Dec 13 11:55:15Film.The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
30th Dec 13 11:54:32Film.The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
23rd Dec 13 11:22:35Film.American Hustle
4th Nov 13 04:24:52Creator.Paradox Interactive
24th Oct 13 06:05:26The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You
20th Oct 13 05:28:18Sixty Five Episode Cartoon
19th Oct 13 09:55:03YMMV.Samurai Jack
30th Aug 13 01:37:01Master Actor
26th Aug 13 12:06:34YMMV.Scott Pilgrim
22nd Aug 13 09:05:37Fanfic Recs.Total War
22nd Aug 13 08:51:09Fanfic Recs.Total War
7th Aug 13 08:50:11Gamebreaker.Total War
30th Jul 13 05:14:04YMMV.Pandemic
30th Jul 13 05:13:36YMMV.Pandemic
30th Jun 13 08:09:33YMMV.Katawa Shoujo
29th Jun 13 06:30:32Funny.Freakazoid
29th Jun 13 06:12:27YMMV.Freakazoid
29th Jun 13 06:12:13YMMV.Freakazoid
18th Jun 13 01:57:54Happily Ever Before
20th May 13 06:16:55WMG.The Lord Of The Rings
13th May 13 11:04:16Tear Jerker.A Scotsman In Egypt
4th Mar 13 03:51:47Literature.Life Of Pi
9th Nov 12 12:10:14Film.The Iron Lady
14th Oct 12 02:34:44Reformed Criminal
13th Oct 12 10:05:30James Madison
27th Sep 12 11:21:11Creator.NBC
4th Sep 12 01:43:15YMMV.Gattaca
23rd Jul 12 07:54:12Western Animation.Dexters Laboratory
21st Jul 12 12:18:47Trivia.Green Lantern First Flight
19th Jul 12 11:43:01Laconic.Humans Are Flawed
19th Jul 12 11:41:45Laconic.Humans Are Flawed
17th Jul 12 12:36:40Ennio Morricone
17th Jul 12 12:36:14Ennio Morricone
17th Jul 12 12:34:26Ennio Morricone
14th Jul 12 01:38:52Laser Guided Karma
19th Jun 12 06:35:34Half Human Hybrid
19th Jun 12 06:25:51Half Human Hybrid
19th Jun 12 03:41:33Greys Anatomy Emergency Medical Response
19th Jun 12 01:56:34Our Ghouls Are Creepier
19th Jun 12 01:51:55Series.Smallville
15th Jun 12 08:29:37Recap.Community S 1 E 19 Beginner Pottery
11th Jun 12 10:06:32Arch Enemy
8th Jun 12 07:45:02Franchise Original Sin
8th Jun 12 07:30:38Dork Age.Video Games
8th Jun 12 05:12:26YMMV.Hey Arnold
7th Jun 12 05:49:14Foil
7th Jun 12 05:12:46Deadpan Snarker.Real Life
7th Jun 12 01:59:19Talker And Doer
1st Jun 12 02:05:32Western Animation.All Dogs Go To Heaven
1st Jun 12 01:24:48First Installment Wins
28th May 12 05:48:54Fantastic Anthropologist
28th May 12 03:19:31OC Stand In
25th May 12 05:00:54Big Eater.Comic Books
24th May 12 08:01:01Genndy Tartakovsky
24th May 12 06:52:39Franchise.Star Wars Expanded Universe
20th May 12 04:57:05YMMV.Fahrenheit 451
20th May 12 10:43:27Growing The Beard.Video Games
17th May 12 12:01:38Health Care Motivation
17th May 12 11:50:47Justified Criminal
17th May 12 06:25:03Glory Hound
15th May 12 11:23:11Analysis.No Transhumanism Allowed
14th May 12 06:39:55Web Animation.Homestar Runner
14th May 12 06:37:12Web Animation.Homestar Runner
10th May 12 05:53:59Memes.Monty Python
8th May 12 07:10:27Destructive Saviour
8th May 12 07:09:36Destructive Saviour
8th May 12 06:59:04Destructive Saviour
8th May 12 05:56:01YMMV.The Dresden Files
7th May 12 12:38:20Broken Base.Western Animation
6th May 12 10:08:27Broken Base.Video Games
6th May 12 12:27:48Broken Base.Film
6th May 12 05:24:44Fan Of The Past
3rd May 12 12:59:31Characters.Yu Yu Hakusho
3rd May 12 08:18:09YMMV.Star Wars Battlefront
3rd May 12 08:17:39YMMV.Star Wars Battlefront
3rd May 12 05:32:30Video Game.The Battle For Middle Earth
3rd May 12 05:30:10Video Game.The Battle For Middle Earth
3rd May 12 02:13:16Author Existence Failure
27th Apr 12 06:28:57Apathetic Citizens
27th Apr 12 06:27:13Apathetic Citizens
21st Apr 12 05:54:14Pixar Regulars
21st Apr 12 04:59:09Pixar
21st Apr 12 04:40:19So You Want To.See The Index
19th Apr 12 04:45:18Downer Ending.Video Games
19th Apr 12 04:17:30Downer Ending.Western Animation
18th Apr 12 09:24:32Characters.Bambi
14th Apr 12 07:40:09Franchise.Star Wars Expanded Universe
14th Apr 12 04:17:03Characters.Being Human
14th Apr 12 03:52:56Something Only They Would Say
10th Apr 12 07:40:51Right For The Wrong Reasons
10th Apr 12 05:36:03Heroic BSOD.Real Life
10th Apr 12 05:29:26Heroic BSOD.Real Life
10th Apr 12 04:57:15Frequently Broken Unbreakable Vow
10th Apr 12 02:23:54Sword Over Head
9th Apr 12 11:17:00Asian Hooker Stereotype
7th Apr 12 07:46:05Everybody Knows That
7th Apr 12 04:40:49Complete Immortality
4th Apr 12 08:31:23Recap.Sherlock S 01 E 03 The Great Game
30th Mar 12 11:09:08Worth Living For
30th Mar 12 11:02:15Comic Book.Y The Last Man
30th Mar 12 11:01:37Comic Book.Y The Last Man
30th Mar 12 03:41:13Take A Third Option
30th Mar 12 01:36:50NASA
30th Mar 12 12:27:44Anime.Fullmetal Alchemist
30th Mar 12 12:18:41Useful Notes.American Political System
29th Mar 12 05:10:46Adaptation Displacement
29th Mar 12 04:48:47Video Game.DC Universe Online
29th Mar 12 02:28:30Hype Aversion
29th Mar 12 12:14:22Once Upon A Time In The West
27th Mar 12 04:34:34Headscratchers.Freakazoid
27th Mar 12 01:03:51Funny.Freakazoid
27th Mar 12 09:59:06Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk
21st Mar 12 05:34:36Daniel Day Lewis
20th Mar 12 02:15:37WMG.Mega Tokyo
20th Mar 12 12:00:04Webcomic.Mega Tokyo
13th Mar 12 06:17:54Trouble Entendre
12th Mar 12 08:58:07Peep Show
12th Mar 12 12:59:51The Picture Of Dorian Gray
4th Mar 12 11:48:15Anti Villain.Literature
4th Mar 12 04:22:52He Who Fights Monsters
2nd Mar 12 04:33:03Tropers.Mr ZAP
2nd Mar 12 04:00:06Headscratchers.Pandemic
2nd Mar 12 11:58:53Martin Van Buren
29th Feb 12 10:07:43Base Breaker
25th Feb 12 07:25:02Academy Award
23rd Feb 12 04:33:10Archenemy
23rd Feb 12 03:59:17Doomy Dooms Of Doom
22nd Feb 12 09:22:38YMMV.The Lord Of The Rings
21st Feb 12 03:48:52Characters.Discworld
15th Feb 12 10:52:03Jekyll
13th Feb 12 10:40:20Characters.Scrubs
13th Feb 12 09:16:26Margin Call
13th Feb 12 09:14:42Funny.The Help
13th Feb 12 08:38:23Heterosexual Life Partners
13th Feb 12 07:21:18No True Scotsman
13th Feb 12 06:10:02Heterosexual Life Partners
13th Feb 12 06:06:36Heterosexual Life Partners
13th Feb 12 05:53:10Heterosexual Life Partners
13th Feb 12 05:51:32Heterosexual Life Partners
9th Jan 12 04:18:43Characters.Being Human
9th Jan 12 04:04:14Characters.The Sarah Jane Adventures
5th Jan 12 07:37:05Discworld.Wyrd Sisters
26th Nov 11 08:11:33Characters.The King Of Fighters The Orochi Saga
15th Nov 11 09:28:16Characters.Naruto-Hidden Mist Village
14th Nov 11 03:02:07Superman Red Son
1st Nov 11 07:12:08So You Want To.See The Index
30th Oct 11 08:51:31The Hero Dies
30th Oct 11 12:50:09Film.Across The Universe
22nd Oct 11 04:18:16Little Professor Dialog
20th Oct 11 11:31:34President Evil
20th Oct 11 10:54:39Characters.Smallville Daily Planet
20th Oct 11 07:13:31Smallville
18th Oct 11 12:15:02Power Rangers Ninja Storm
17th Oct 11 04:10:48Knowing
3rd Oct 11 07:51:27Characters.Buffy The Vampire Slayer
3rd Oct 11 01:26:45I Will Fight No More Forever
3rd Oct 11 01:10:50Kill Me Now Or Forever Stay Your Hand
1st Oct 11 08:29:32
1st Oct 11 08:28:58
1st Oct 11 08:27:34
1st Oct 11 08:11:33
1st Oct 11 06:48:54Everyone Is Related
1st Oct 11 04:32:42So You Want To.Write An Alternate History
1st Oct 11 03:24:42So You Want To.See The Index
1st Oct 11 02:57:07Mistreatment Induced Betrayal
1st Oct 11 02:37:43Mistreatment Induced Betrayal
29th Sep 11 06:08:33Crowning Music.Ace Attorney
29th Sep 11 12:42:50Recap.Torchwood S 1 E 3 Ghost Machine
28th Sep 11 11:53:23Head Tiltingly Kinky
28th Sep 11 11:23:38Recap.Torchwood S 1 E 1 Everything Changes
26th Sep 11 05:32:20Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
26th Sep 11 05:31:39Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
24th Sep 11 07:57:38Acceptable Lifestyle Targets
18th Sep 11 12:51:01Remember When You Blew Up A Sun
17th Sep 11 11:29:21Characters.Unreal Tournament III
17th Sep 11 11:12:17Being Personal Isnt Professional
17th Sep 11 10:04:25Characters.Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
17th Sep 11 01:07:36So You Want To.See The Index
17th Sep 11 12:30:22DC Comics