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Alison Brie (born December 29, 1982), is an American actress best known for roles in Community and Mad Men. In so doing, she shows her substantial range, playing characters who are polar opposites of each other (a fragile nerdy teenager/young adult in the former and a reasonably strong-willed—if shielded and at times oblivious note —sophisticate in her early 30s in the latter) at the same time.

Selected filmography

Associated Tropes:

  • Adaptational Nationality: In the ITV miniseries Doctor Thorne, set and filmed in England, she plays an American - who in the original book is Australian.
  • The Cutie: A common role for her, although often with a bit of a dark side.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Evolved into Ms. Fanservice in Community. Also wound up featuring in many photospreads, and starred in an online series called Hot Sluts.
    • Post-Community, Brie has taken a number of sexually provocative film roles in movies such as Get Hard and Sleeping with Other People, both of which feature Brie in sexy lingerie.
  • Naked People Are Funny: In her college years at the California Institute of Arts, she would cheer up her roommate by pretending to take a shower, go to the tree out their window and swing on a branch naked like a monkey.
  • Nude Nature Dance: In her interview with the WTF Podcast, she said she did this on a trip to Lake Tahoe. She said she took off all her clothes and ran around acting like "a little wood nymph".
  • Older Than They Look: Looks like she's in her early twenties when she's really in her 30s.
  • Two First Names: "Brie" is actually her middle name; her last name is Schermerhorn (pronounced "SKER-mer-horn"). She has admitted that her actual surname's frequent mispronunciation makes her irritated.