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Streaking is, as defined by Oxford Dictionaries, as "informal run naked in a public place so as to shock or amuse others." This trope has made an appearance in many forms of media since its popularity boom in the early 1970s and has continued to be an ongoing, though uncommon, phenomenon in modern society. Streaking can be separated into two types: Type 1 Streaking involves complete nudity, although footwear is acceptable. Type 2 Streaking involves minimal coverage, for males this usually consists of nothing more than sparse undergarments while females may be allowed to have coverage for their breasts.



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  • Bastion from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX performs a streak across the school after having an epiphany.


    Live Action TV 
  • "Streaking" is title of the third episode of the first season of That '70s Show, in the episode the male members of the gang conspire to streak wearing Richard Nixon masks while at a press conference featuring President Gerald Ford. The plan goes south when the guys notice several security officers with several vicious looking guard dogs causing them to chicken out; however Eric notices his father having trouble while asking his question to President Ford prompting Eric to drop his cover and pull through with the act, prompting Red to comically question Ford as to how he could pardon Richard Nixon.
  • In the pilot episode of Quantum Leap, Sam fills out the reason he was kicked out of his first college: Streaking. Since he is answering the question in the early 1950's, the doctors at NASA have no idea what that is.
  • This was done on an episode of Flash Forward.

  • "The Streak" by Ray Stevens is about a reporter covering the appearance of a streaker at a number of public events.

    Video Games 
  • Streaking is a diversion in both Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, in both cases the player must strip down to the point where both censor bars would activate on a female character (by which no clothing should cover the torso area).

    Western Animation 
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Jimmy invokes this trope while being hazed while attending college on episode 64.
  • The Looney Tunes Show: Daffy and Porky go streaking while on Spring Break in Mexico during "The Black Widow". After first attracting no attention at all, they point out to the locals that they are naked, and promptly get arrested.

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