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Theatre: Barefoot in the Park

A popular Romantic Comedy by Neil Simon which premiered on Broadway in 1963.

Newlyweds Corie and Paul Bratter return from their honeymoon ready to start their exciting new life together in a minuscule fifth-floor walkup apartment in a downtown-Manhattan brownstone, but things aren't exactly going as planned. The impulsive Corie's apartment choice doesn't meet Paul's - or any sane person's - standards. Six exhausting flights of stairs lead to a one-room apartment which lacks bathtub, furniture, heat, and room for a double bed. What highlights does the apartment supply? Quirky neighbors, including oddball neighbor Victor Velasco, and a giant hole in the skylight.

Made into a movie in 1967, starring Robert Redford as Paul (he played the role on Broadway too) and Jane Fonda as Corie. The play has also received two TV adaptations: a short-lived ABC sitcom in 1970, and a 1980 special on HBO.


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