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Film: Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso, written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, is a 1988 romantic drama about a famous Italian film director Salvatore Di Vita, who recalls his childhood when he fell in love with the movies at his village's 'Cinema Paradiso' and formed a deep friendship with the theatre's projectionist, Alfredo.

It also tells the story of his return to his native village for his friend Alfredo's funeral. Ultimately, Alfredo serves as a wise father figure to his young friend who only wishes the best to see Salvatore succeed, even if it means breaking Sal's heart in the process.

Cinema Paradiso contains examples of the following tropes:

The ChurchItalian FilmsCity of the Living Dead
Babettes FeastUsefulNotes/Academy Award for Best Foreign Language FilmBurnt by the Sun
The Chocolate WarFilms of the 1980sCocktail

alternative title(s): Cinema Paradiso
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