Tropers: Whizzerd

I was active on this site a while ago, left for a year or two, and then came back recently.

You can find me in Forum Games, the Roleplay forums, or editing the pages of whatever's caught my interest that week.

I don't know why I decided on a bad spelling of 'wizard' for my name. I don't think I even knew when I decided on it.

Pages I've made:

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Total Count

  • Anime: 7
  • Video Game: 5
  • Webcomic: 3
  • Animated Music Video: 2
  • Western Animation: 1

Avvie Name Origin Notable Tropes

Atticus Brent


Anti-Hero, Deadpan Snarker, Grumpy Bear, Only Sane Man

Stuart '2-D' Pot


Adorkable, Genius Ditz, Idiot Hero, The Woobie

Daisukenojo 'Beat' Bito

The World Ends with You

Boisterous Bruiser, Hot-Blooded, Large Ham, Too Dumb to Fool

Majora's Mask

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Blue and Orange Morality, Eldritch Abomination, Evil Mask, Omnicidal Maniac

Jacuzzi Splott


Apologises a Lot, Badass Adorable, Cowardly Lion, Shrinking Violet


The Legend of Zelda series

All-Loving Hero, Bishōnen, Die, Chair! Die!, Heroic Spirit

Kazuyoshi 'Switch' Usui

Sket Dance

Agent Scully, My Sibling Will Live Through Me, The Smart Guy, The Voiceless

Sawao Yamanaka

The Pillows

Alternative Indie, Animated Music Video, Ear Worm, Opaque Lenses


The Legend of Zelda series

See above

Isaac O'Connor


Animesque, Hair-Trigger Temper, Hero of Another Story, Powers via Possession

Shady Shin

The Legend of Korra

The Dragon, Evil Mentor, Making a Splash, Meaningful Name

Saki Konishi

Hiimdaisy/Persona 4

Affectionate Parody, Passive-Aggressive Kombat, Sugary Malice, Troll

Joseph Oda

The Evil Within

Beauty Is Never Tarnished, Distressed Dude, Resist The Beast, Sharp-Dressed Man

Death the Kid

Soul Eater

Gentleman Snarker, Not So Above It All, Skunk Stripe, Super OCD


Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

Amnesiacs Are Innocent, Butt Monkey, Gadgeteer Genius, Ridiculously Human Robot

Masumi Sera

Detective Conan

Amateur Sleuth, Badass Biker, Bifauxnen, Blood Knight

Masumi Sera

Detective Conan

See above

Team Taiyou (Taro Yamashita, Yoshizo Hayashi, and Jinbei Tanigawa)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

Determinator, Friendly Enemy, True Companions, Weak, but Skilled