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Where to start?

Well, MurillionBlue (or just Blue) is female. Despite appearances. She first discovered TV Tropes in January 2010, although it wasn't until 19 June 2011 that she became a known Troper.

The name?

Murillion is a username she's used before, which was stole- er, borrowed from a book. Although Blue didn't remember that when she first used it. And Blue is from, well, *deep breath* her favourite version of Pokemon, the colour of her favourite Mon (Gyarados) note , the English name of her favourite rival, her favourite colour, the colour she usually uses in multiplayer video games (on account of being Player 2), the colour she usually uses in Warcraft III when playing Night Elf (but not Orc; Blue plays Orcs as red, usually), the main colour scheme of her favourite OS (Windows XP), and a whole lot of other reasons.



  • She's a few months older than Doom, which should indicate to some gamers (particularly older ones) her age. note  And she occasionally plays Doom, as well.
  • She's been a Pokémaniac for most of her life. Definitely as long as she can remember.
  • She's not 100% sure what her first memory is, but she's narrowed it down to two possibilities. Either the last day of her first year at school (December '98) OR Pokémon (somewhere between September '98 and early '99).
  • She's currently reading through Discworld, and Squeeking often.
  • She collects quotes, from anyone. As long as it's a good quote. (Most of the recent additions are from the very quotable Terry Pratchett.) This includes TV Tropes.
  • She will destroy you with her amazing clicking sound! (Something she originally said while gaming, when she ran out of ammo.)
  • She writes stories, most of which are random and, in her opinion, funny. Try to prove her wrong. note 
  • She loves older games. For example:
  • Her brain's an idiot. (But not her mind, for some reason.)
  • She can pwn with her Gyarados. (Particularly SABUL, the level 100 Gyarados in her game of Blue.)
  • She reads books a lot. And quite fast, too.
  • She plays Warcraft, but only II and III. Her favourite race is Orc. Although Night Elf comes a close second in III (because of the Demon Hunter). Her favourite maps are 10 Hero Siege (III), Mutton (II), Advanced v1.03 (III) and a map her mum created that resembles a chessboard (II).
  • She can't snipe. Her aiming is horrible. Aiming is inversely proportional to the likelihood of the object going to the right place. note  She finds it easier to be the Leeroy, rushing into battle with a very destructive (and usually not too accurate) weapon. In other words, brute strength and ignorance.
  • There are times she prefers multiplayer. Ratchet: Gladiator, for example. Blue and her brother play co-op, and actually work quite well together. He's the sniper, she's the Leeroy, dealing huge amounts of damage with the Leviathan Flail. And she believes that that is pretty much the best combination of skills. Prevents arguments over who gets to use certain weapons, because only one player is any good with any one particular weapon. note 
  • She was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, lived there for 15 years, then moved to Toowoomba (the largest inland city in Australia, excluding Canberra). But she misses NZ. And Irvine's pies. And Pink Smokers. And Goody-Goody-Gumdrops ice cream. And Lolly Roll. And Jam Raps.
  • She uses multiple passwords (most of which have a simple pattern: [words][numbers]). None of them are easy to guess, and none of them are 'swordfish'.
    • If you want to know her most common password, find out which country she lives in (not hard), the city (slightly harder), street (quite a lot harder), house number (even harder still).
      • Then break in, find her bedroom (not too difficult if you've got this far), find two hard drives, figure out which one has the operating system (probably fairly difficult), put them in a computer, start it up, figure out the login password (hopefully very difficult), remember (or learn) how to use Windows 98, find the right emulator (out of the two options), find the right game of Pokémon (out of the five or so options), figure out the controls, and search through the Pokémon Boxes for the right Legendary Bird (quite hard, as all 100+ Mons have nicknames, and it's text-based). The nickname is the first part of the password. Then figure out the numbers that come after it. (Just about the easiest step, really.)
  • She quite likes the font "Courier".
  • She also likes Notepad, which has Courier as a default font.
    • And she is familiar with HTML tags, which can be used in Notepad.
  • Her favourite OS is Windows XP, closely followed by Windows 98, with Windows 7 coming in a distant third. Yes, the most recent OS is third.
    • Fourth is whatever Macs use, due to their user-friendliness.
    • The only reason DOS and Windows 95 aren't on the list is the fact that Blue can't remember them. If they were, chances are they'd be above 7.
  • She once tried to make up a Conlang. It... didn't really make it off the ground, but she still uses the alphabet she created. note 
  • She does not like TV. Although she still watches TV occasionally. Why doesn't she like it? Well:
    • It's all too easy to spend hours in front of it, watching boring shows because of being too lazy to get up. This cuts into the time Blue has available to spend on other things. Like TV Tropes.
    • It's depressing. If you want proof, just look at the evening news. Blue found a quote about this recently:
    Evening news is where they begin with 'Good evening' and then proceed to tell you why it isn't.


So, basically, Blue is a Pokémaniac, Horde supporter (Lok'tar Ogar! For the Horde!), Fangirl, fanfic author, Gamer Chick (though not always a competent one), bookworm (not Badass, sadly), Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant (usually deliberately), Ridiculous Procrastinator, Third-Person Person, and, of course, a Troper.

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