Tropers / Skrim

A regular editor and Vigilante Taxonomist, Skrim is a young geek who prefers adding examples and modifying articles, and rarely makes any effort to find a new trope, and hardly ever uses the forums.

Skrim is a big science and technology fan, who has interests in quantum and condensed-matter physics, astronomy/astrophysics, molecular biology, genetics, evolutionary biology, and engineering. He is presently an undergraduate student in electrical and electronic engineering.

Presently watching House, M.D., The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Mythbusters, and reading Order Of The Stick, Gunnerkrigg Court and El Goonish Shive. Also a Trekkie, mainly The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine based, and a Tolkien fan. Loves Cosmos and Carl Sagan works in general.

In terms of Video Games, primarily plays RTS and TBS / 4X. Likes to play Glass Cannon or Mighty Glacier type characters/factions/units, and also sometimes roleplays.

Skrim is responsible for creating the Warzone 2100 page, and the Worker Unit and Hover Tank tropes. He also heavily updated the Ground Control page and the Battle for Wesnoth page, being a fan of Freeware. As of late, he's become a big fan of Orion's Arm and has done a lot of wick-adding and editing for its page.

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