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Just For Fun: Weird Ass Games

List of Weird-Ass Games

As originally proposed by Spain Sun, feel free to add. Also add an explanation as to why it's weird if you can. Keep the list organized by console.
  • PC
    • Yume Nikki
      • You travel trough the heroine's dreams, a world filled with all kinds of weird, trippy, and disturbing things.
    • OFF
      • You take control of a guy who looks like a batter, stroll through technicolor lands made from metal, smoke, meat and plastic and talk to a Cheshire cat, an item merchant who breaks the fourth wall all the time, people who all look the same and beat the crap out of ghosts with a baseball bat.
    • Revenge of the Sunfish
      • Supposedly, it's about defending the Earth from a race of evil alien sunfish. In reality, it's an incoherent mess of strung together pictorial gibberish, thrown together with no thought, logic, or reason.
    • Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou
      • A very strange game about a person whose soul is stolen to be eaten by the island of Tong-Nou, and has to travel though surreal lands filled with strange, nonsensical creatures to get it back.
    • Half-Mind (A mod for Half-Life 2, requires Steam)
      • It's basically the first chapter or so of Half-Life 2, except with ridiculously random stuff happening.
    • The Kristal (MS-DOS)
      • An Adventure Game that takes place in a bizarre universe. On certain versions, it comes with a "Speech" floppy that plays an introductory speech through the PC Speaker. That should probably give you a hint as to how bizarre it is.
    • Mondo Medicals
      • You play as a man with a TV for a head, solving nonsense puzzles to help cure cancer. Or something.
    • Mondo Agency
    • Neftelia
      • Difficult to describe, you play as a white stick figure and you wander through a surreal world. Similar to Yume Nikki without the dream premise.
    • Bad Mojo
      • You play as an entomologist, who turned into a cockroach, due to a locket of his late mother. You wander around, try to avoid enemies and look at various, rather unsettling, visuals.
    • Hellsinker

  • NES
    • Mother (aka Earthbound Zero)
      • You play as Ninten, a normal boy living in 1980's rural America. One day, he's attacked by his lamp. After defeating the 2 lamps and doll attacking him and his sisters, he calls his dad and is told that psychic powers run in the family and Ninten has them as well. And so, he sets off to learn about what happened to his great-grandparents many years ago, running into many strange occurrences along the way, and fighting the increasingly apparent alien invasion.
      • Let's not forget that Ninten beats hippies because they make him think his mother is calling them, Loid is an eccentric garbage boy, Ana lives is an area where Bigfoots are common, and Teddy is a knife wielding gang leader whose parents were eaten by mountain creatures.

  • SNES
    • Earthbound (aka Mother 2)
      • You play as Ness, a normal boy living in 1990's Eagleland. One night, a meteor falls near his house. Upon checking out the meteor, he meets Buzzbuzz, a psychic bee from the future who tells Ness that he is one of the 4 chosen children who must stop the evil being Giygas from destroying the universe, giving him the Sound Stone he says Ness will need. Hence starting his journey to collect the sounds for the Sound Stone, along the way mastering his psychic powers and joining with the other chosen children, Paula, Jeff, and Poo, to defeat Giygas.

  • PlayStation
    • LSD: Dream Emulator
      • Another game where you travel through dreams, it has the added bonus of completely randomized graphics and music, teleporting you places randomly, and getting weirder and more disturbing the longer you play.
    • Germs Nerawareta Machi
      • You play as a newspaper writer who must protect his town from an alien invasion. While the premise sounds normal enough, the execution is where it stands out. Things like how it's completely black and white when you're outside, there's absolutely no people outside, that there's very few people in the game at all, even inside buildings (to the point that's there's no one, not even a driver, in the buses and trains you can take), the strangely oblivious way people act, and the weird music and sound effects, gives this game a very surreal and LSD-like atmosphere.
    • Incredible Crisis
      • The 4 members of the Tanamatsuri family must get home in time for their grandmother's birthday, but everything from bank robbers, super weapons, aliens, and a giant rampaging teddy bear gets in their way.
    • Gaball Screen
      • You play as a sentient shoe and explore very weird and trippy worlds. I've got nothing.
    • Persona 2 Innocent Sin
      • The first game of the Person 2 duology stars a Japanese high school student, Tatsuya Suou. His life takes a turn for the weird after being goaded into summoning "Joker-sama", a mysterious harlequin figure who is rumored to grant wishes. In doing so, Tatsuya and his friends are marked for death by the Joker, who wants them all to pay for some forgotten past crime. What follows is a bizarre adventure with rumors that mysteriously come true, Mayan prophecies, UFOs, elder gods, and Nazis.
    • Persona 2 Eternal Punishment
      • The second game takes place in an Alternate Universe and switches focus to magazine journalist Maya Amano. While reporting on a string of grisly murders throughout the city, she receives a death notice from a mysterious man called JOKER. A popular rumour states that if you dial your own cell number, JOKER will murder someone for you. As more and more people fall victim to JOKER and rumors become reality, Maya must unravel the meaning behind "The Other Side" and the mystery of Tatsuya Suou, who she swears she has met before somewhere.

  • PlayStation 2
    • Katamari Damacy
      • The King Of All Cosmos gets drunk one night, and accidentally destroys all the stars. He assigns his son, the Prince, to make new stars by collecting random objects from the Earth to be turned into stars. The Prince does this by running the objects over with a ball. You start by collecting ants and thumbtacks, and eventually moves on to whales, jumbo jets, office towers, and sports stadiums...
    • We Love Katamari
      • The sequel, it involves the King of All Cosmos finding out about the unexpected popularity of the Prince's last adventure and sends the Prince and his cousins to roll up more stuff to please the fans. Along with that, we're also told the origin story of how the King of All Cosmos became the King of All Cosmos, met his wife, and had his son.
    • Stretch Panic
      • You play as a girl named Linda who must save her sisters trapped in hell, using her newly animated scarf to exorcise demons, including women with ridiculously huge breasts.
    • Under The Skin
      • You play as an alien named Cosmi who, with the ability to disguise himself, must cause mischief on Earth as part of his race's coming of age tradition.
    • Killer7
      • Taking place in an alternate timeline in which the world is at peace, a mysterious terrorist group of strange, vicious creatures called Heaven's Smiles. The only ones who can stop them are a group of assassins called the Killer7. Then things take a turn for the incomprehensible. Basically, don't expect to understand what's going on in one playthrough. Or twelve.
    • Tomak Save The Earth
      • You must save the world by taking care of, and courting, the Goddess of Love. Who takes the form of a head in a plant pot.
    • Chulip
      • You play as the new kid in town who, in order to impress the girl he likes, must kiss everyone in town, including a turtle, scarecrow, and alien.
    • Mister Mosquito
      • A more quirky game, you control Mister Mosquito, an adorable blood-sucker who's invaded the Yamada family home with the intent of gathering enough of the red stuff to last him through the winter.
    • Gregory Horror Show
      • Based on a CGI anime series, you are trapped in a hotel, which may or may not be hell, and have to collect the souls of the other guests and give them to the Grim Reaper to earn your freedom. Said guests include a pink lizard in a nurse outfit, a pair of dogs with axes in their heads, and a pair of scales called 'Justice Boy'. Surreal Horror abounds. Oh, and the owner of the hotel is a giant rat. And everyone has a square head.
    • Siren
      • A horror game series portraying highly anachronistic series of events in some variant of the Japanese underworld amongst an (almost fully playable) ensemble cast. Think LOST, add three or four more plot threads, and make every other cut to another thread fully playable.

  • Dreamcast
    • Seaman
      • You take care of your very own Seamen, fish creatures with human faces.

  • Gamecube
    • Killer7
      • Taking place in an alternate timeline in which the world is at peace, a mysterious terrorist group of strange, vicious creatures called Heaven's Smiles. The only ones who can stop them are a group of assassins called the Killer7. Then things take a turn for the incomprehensible. Basically, don't expect to understand what's going on in one playthrough. Or twelve.
    • Cubivore
      • You play as a cute cube creature. Your job is to pray on and devour other cute cube creature to mutate, become stronger, kill the Killer Cubivore, and restore the Wilderness.
    • Odama
      • You are in control of a relatively small army, and you are using them to take over feudal Japan and avenge your father's death. At your disposal is a giant ball. With your flippers, you send your giant ball at your enemies, pinball-style.

  • Game Boy Advance

  • Nintendo DS

  • PlayStation Portable
    • Me & My Katamari
      • The Royal Family decides to take some time off and travel to Earth for a summer vacation on their own tropical island. The King, however, creates a tsunami that destroys a nearby island. The King decides to make new islands for the animals with several katamari. He sends the Prince to the Sunflower Continent, to roll stuff up into new landmasses.

  • Sega CD

  • Xbox 360
    • Beautiful Katamari
      • The begins with the Royal Family enjoying a game of tennis. Unfortunately, the King's serve causes s tennis ball to rip through the fabric of the universe, creating a black hole that sucks everything but the planet Earth. The King, of course, commands the Prince to roll up katamaris on Earth to recreate everything.
    • Deadly Premonition
      • You play as Francis York Morgan, an eccentric federal agent who is tasked with unraveling the mystery surrounding a disturbing and brutal murder that takes place in the quaint, if a bit odd, rural town of Greenvale. Oh, what's that, Zach? I forgot to mention York has a split-personality and that he solves crimes via messages found in his morning coffee? Oh, well, there you go. Extremely odd, quirky, surreal, campy romp through the woods. Compare to Twin Peaks.

  • PlayStation 3

  • Wii
    • No More Heroes
      • You play as Travis Touchdown, an obnoxious, perverse, immature, vulgar, and determined Otaku turned assassin. He has an adorable kitten, a love for Lucha Libre wrestling, a major obsession with anime, and kills hundreds of Mooks and rival assassins in an attempt to get laid. Entertaining and surreal action game brought to you from the creator of Killer7, Suda51. Nowhere NEAR as incomprehensible as Killer7. Your brain is very relieved.

  • Apple II
    • Nightmare #6
      • An old, obscure apple computer game in which the point of the game is, essentially, to figure out the point of the game.

  • Things You Would Not Touch With a 10-Foot Pole (for assorted consoles)
    • Boon Ga Boon Ga
      • An arcade game where you finger various people's asses. Yeah.
    • Doki Doki Majo Shinpan
      • DS game about witch-hunting via the medium of feeling up schoolgirls.
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