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"Maybe it's some kind of equivalent of Alan Smithee in films. Like a Japanese game developer doesn't want to be credited for a game they created while drunk and in the midst of a messy breakup-Vietnam flashback, so they call it "Suda 51". 51 being some kind of numerical code for "Shit goes 'round the billy blue bollocks."'

If you were to take David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino and a Luchador (latter runs on It Makes Sense in Context) and lock them in a room surrounded by Sci-Fi movies, anime and Andy Warhol paintings, you'd get something quite close to the inside of Goichi Suda's mind.

Goichi Suda (born January 2, 1968), or Suda 51 as he's better known, is one of the most Mind Screwing game designers out there. He's the head of Grasshopper Manufacture and is known for making games which create a unique, if slightly/extremely unsettling, experience. He frequently collaborates with music composers Masafumi Takada and Akira Yamaoka and writer Masahii Ooka.

Common themes include assassins, hotels, briefcases, Mexican wrestling, severed heads in paper bags, the Moon, and random pop culture references.

Games written and directed by Suda51:

Other games developed by Grasshopper Manufacture:

Non-video game works:

On a side note, his alias comes from his name: "Goichi" is composed of the Japanese numbers for five ("go") and one ("ichi").

Frequently used tropes are:

"Punk's Not Dead"

Alternative Title(s): Goichi Suda, Suda Goichi