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Erotic Literature
How not to name a bodice ripper.

—I like my books like my bathroom floor: covered in bees.

Written stories about people doing it.

According to that other wiki, Erotic Lit has been around since the time of The Bible. This just means that even way back when, people still wanted to read about other people doing it.

Although it's like porn, E. Lit can be educational. One of the most famous examples is the Kama Sutra, which is full of information about people doing it. (With a brief foray into cryptography and other methods of concealing your salacious affairs.)

Modern day books tend to deal with the emotional side of sex and sexuality—but really, it's mostly about people doing it. Some of these stories have also been adapted to film.

Examples include:

Dime NovelLiterature GenresFairy Tale
Detective LiteratureLiteratureFairy Tale
Little Dead Riding HoodImageSource/LiteratureMansfield Park
Erotic FilmUseful NotesFor The Love Of Many

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