Literature: Kama Sutra

The only image we could use without offending prudish users.

"Hey Marge! This guy looks like Apu."
— Homer Simpson picking up a copy of the Kama Sutra in "Granpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"

A couple of thousand years or so ago, a man called Vatsyayana Mullanaga got it into his head to compile a book of all the sex tips he could find in his homeland of India. This tome was called the Kama Sutra (lit: Pleasure Sayings) and even today it is a byword for sexuality around the world. It is not actually a religious work, despite rumours to the contrary, although some cultures may regard sex as an act of worship.

There are a couple of other Eastern sexual wisdom texts, the Ananga Ranga and The Perfumed Garden, but these are referenced far less often.

There is also a film, released in 1996, starring Indira Varma (Lucius's wife in Rome, Suzie in Torchwood) and Naveen Andrews (Sayid from LOST). So something for everyone there. Not to mention numerous 'ahem!' educational DVDs.

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