Video Game: Mister Mosquito

Parasitic insects have never been so huggable.

In one of the strangest games of any generation, the player controls Mister Mosquito (or Ka in Japan), an adorable blood-sucker who's invaded the Yamada family home with the intent of gathering enough of the red stuff to last him through the winter.

The game is divided into 12 stages or "days", and the player is briefed at the beginning of each on who to suck how much blood from, as well as on any possible dangers. Blood can only be sucked from designated areas of the body (depending on the stage), and these spots are only exposed at certain times as the gigantic family members go about their everyday business. Some of these areas are simply exposed during their looping set of movements, but others require the player to manipulate their human prey first (by doing things such as turning off the T.V.).

Each victim also has a "stress meter" that rises if you suck blood too fast, too slow, or too long, or if you simply buzz around in their faces too much. If you're flying around when the meter hits its max, you'll enter a battle and have to strike certain "pressure points" on the victim's body to calm them back down. If the meter hits its max while you're sucking blood, you're swatted dead. Instantly.

Had a sequel (subtitled Let's Go Hawaii) that was only released in Japan due to the first game's poor sales in the States. The sequel follows the Yamadas' trip to Hawaii set up at the end of the first game. They end up staying with the Brown family, who have a mosquito problem of their own. The game has two paths depending on whether the Original or American mosquito is chosen at the start of the game.

This series provides examples of: