Harem Seeker

You gotta admit, his logic is pretty sound.

"Two girlfriends will only end up fighting with each other, but twenty girlfriends will become competitive, and the target of their rage will be directed toward each other, not me. Always works for me."

Someone who actively seeks multiple love interests, the more the better, and usually makes no secret of it. Often used as a twist on the Unwanted Harem concept.


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     Anime and Manga  

  • Ataru of Urusei Yatsura fame makes this actually older than the harem anime genre.
    • Ultimately Defied: he gave his goal up upon seeing a possible future where he succeeded and discovered that obtaining this harem would mean that Lum would leave him. He then physically destroyed that future.
  • Ken from Seitokai no Ichizon is pretty much the poster child of this genre. His stated objective from the beginning is that he is building a harem from the student council.note 
  • Makoto from the School Days anime, though he doesn't want the girls to be his harem so much as he just wants to goink all the girls he can.
  • Variation: Hachibe from Ai Kora is only this because the traits he's seeking are spread out over several girls.
  • Iono the Fanatics provides a female version with Iono, who has succeeded to the tens of thousands of haremettes level. That's an order of magnitude more than Solomon. It's strongly implied her country has been reduced to a Ruritani mainly due to the cost of supporting so many free-loading lesbian love-slaves, to say nothing of all the women she's removed from her own populace to serve her as haremettes.
    • The kicker? She has a place in her heart for each one of them, including the women she made promise with years ago. This can't always be said of people who are this trope in real life.
  • Yuugen Kaisha: Ayaka accuses Bosco of being one when she realizes his tea shop specifically caters to late teen-early 20's female clientele only. Which he explains isn't the case at all. The reason he caters to that particular age group is because older women are less likely to be virgins; adding that it'd become increasingly difficult for vampires to find any in the modern era.
  • Walker of Durarara!! might qualify. In one scene, he rescues a girl from some thugs that kidnapped her. He sets the thugs on fire while rambling about being an anime hero and wanting a harem ending.
  • You probably wouldn't expect this trope to pop up in To Love-Ru of all places, primarily because Rito is about as far from being The Casanova as you can get. And you'd be right; it's Momo who inverts this trope in a stunning display of Genre Savvy by acknowledging that she's unlikely to win Rito away from the lead females and instead starts plotting for a polyamorous relationship between Rito and nearly every named female in the series, including Saki (who is in "love" with Zastin) and Mikan.
  • When Kuroko of A Certain Magical Index hears rumors that her onee-sama has clones running around, she gleefully fantasizes about constructing a harem of 108 Mikotos. Note that there are actually around ten thousand of the clonesnote , a fact that might literally blow Kuroko's mind if she learned of it. Mikoto, for her part, has quite wisely kept their existence hidden from Kuroko. And the issue is only aggravated when Kuroko met Mikoto's mother.
  • High School DXD messes with this. The reason Issei is so quick to adjust after his First Episode Resurrection is that Rias tells him he can get his own harem. He then somehow manages to miss the fact that most of the girls he interacts with fall for him. Then we figure out that the reason he doesn't realize is that being killed by his first girlfriend (long story) left him with huge self-esteem issues.
    • Issei's father is Happily Married, but admits that he's a little jealous of his son, because he tried and failed to get a harem when he was Issei's age.
    • Issei also defies the usual attitude of a Harem Seeker. His perverted self-indulgent babbling is starkly at odds with the vast respect he actually has for any woman he meets; and when Issei does meet a successful devil with a harem of his own, the way he so callously treats the women around him makes Issei furious.
  • Lord Papacha of Photon has hundreds of wives and is always looking to add more, particularly beautiful and prestigous girls.
  • Cuuko from Haiyore! Nyarko-san develops into this. At first she's a Psycho Lesbian Stalker with a Crush for Nyarko, and plays Shipper on Deck to get Mahiro (the guy Nyarko actually loves) out of the way. She gradually warms to Mahiro thanks to his being a genuinely nice person, and by the time of the second season Nyarko-San W, Cuuko's plan has changed to "I bear Nyarko's child, the boy bears mine". She later tells him "My party system supports up to four people."
  • In the novel continuity of Queen's Blade, this trait is given to the much sluttier Nanael, who wants to bang every guy she can get, including little boys like Rana, despite her being an angel — and, more importantly, despite her being openly bigoted against humans in that continuity.
  • In Seitokai Yakuindomo, Shino thinks all guys who enters Ousai academy, a former All-girls' school that has been changed to co-ed and still has a gender ratio of 28:524, are these. While Takatoshi, the main protagonist, isn't, it seems Shino's guess is true for a large part of the remaining 27 guys.
  • In Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou, Kazuki Hayashizaki needs a harem to grow stronger. His summon diva Leme gains power from the harem members' summoned creatures. According to Leme, Kazuki needs a massive harem to gain enough power to save the world from something that's coming.
  • Date A Live plays with this. Shido Itsuka learns that he has the power to drain a Spirit's powers into himself, rendering them harmless, but they have to fall in love with him and share True Love's Kiss with him for it to work. While a bit uncomfortable with this, he wants to keep the world safe. Thus, he has to work hard to get all of them to fall in love with him and keep them all happy, since they get their powers back and tend to go on rampages when they get upset. Complicating matters is the fact that many of them get jealous of the other harem members.
  • There's a dark variant in the Evillious Chronicles: The Lunacy Of Duke Venomania has the titular duke, Sateriasis Venomania, who seeks out multiple love interests and adds them to his harem via mind-control powers.

    Fan Fic 
  • In the Naruto Fan Fic Yet Again with a little extra help, Ino briefly considers this during the third part of the Chunin Exams in a Crowning Moment of Funny. She ultimately discards the idea and enters a happy relationship with Chouji.


  • Anita Blake: In the later novels, the main force driving the plot is Anita's need to add more men to her harem.
  • Wei Xiaobao of the Jin Yong novel The Deer and the Cauldron.
  • In The Bible, King Solomon has 700 wives and 300 concubines.

     Live Action TV  


  • Launcelot Gobbo from The Merchant of Venice. "...here's a small trifle of wives; alas, fifteen wives is nothing! A 'leven widows and nine maids is a simple coming-in for one man..."

     Video Games  
  • Any game that gives you a choice of Romance Sidequests and lets you pursue them all at the same time. Especially if there are cumulative tangible bonuses to keeping each relationship active.
  • DLC character Red from Hyperdimension Neptunia wants a lot of wifeys. IF becomes her first one (much to her surprise) and she's downright giddy when she learns the party is all-females.
  • Tink in the Tink ending of Disgaea 2. Being the Butt Monkey he is, he gets the crap beat out of him.
  • The player character (if male) can flirt with Elanee, Neeshka, and Shandra all at once in Neverwinter Nights 2. And then end up settling down with Safiya at the end of the expansion.
  • Make a team of all females as the male main character in Persona3 Portable and Yukari will accuse you of being this.
  • Taiga in Duel Savior Destiny basically accepts the role of trying to be the world's savior because he thinks it will make him even more popular with girls. The final route even has him pursuing this rather successfully.
  • Rance isn't happy til he has...pretty much every beautiful woman in existence, only making exceptions to things that could kill him instantly (and that doesn't always stop him). The (current) harem he has is too large to list.


  • Rod from Out There is rarely seen not hitting on Miriam, Araceli, Sherry, or some other nameless female who works in his office. He's successful far more often than he deserves to be.

     Western Animation 

  • Beavis And Butthead's Casanova Wannabe behavior often ventures into this. In the episode "Impotence," Beavis asks "Which of these lucky girls will be fit to join my harem?" in a faux Arabic accent, while Butt-head imagines himself in a parody of The Brady Bunch where he lives with three women in the episode "Dream On."

     Real Life 

  • Some practitioners of Polyamory. (Not all.)
  • The mating habits of polygynous animals are basically like this; males will seek to mate with as many females as they can, with the strongest, most virile male often getting the most females. This ensures to the females that their offspring will be strong enough to survive to adulthood. Examples of animals that have this mating behavior include seals, certain birds and even prehistoric pterosaurs. The opposite extreme, polyandry, also exists, though it's rarer in nature. Phalaropes (a type of bird that is basically nature's answer to the Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy trope) are an example of polyandry.