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I'm Gecko here, but most of the time online, I go by Lupine Pyrefly, or just Lupine.

I've got a thing for tarot cards, I don't think Quest for Camelot is nearly as bad as everyone says, and I've been working on Midgreen for the past couple years, and it never stays consistent.

Started the pages for Transformers Armada, The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, and WALL-E, with WALL-E being the only one I actually wrote the description for.

Tropes that apply to me:

Yes, I'm getting Geico adds popping up all over the screen.

Vandalized! By Wanderlust Warrior
  • When it comes to family, Younger Than They Look especially hurts. I've had people think I'm my sis's father, and there's a 12 year age gap between us.

So who exactly is this Ash guy? I'm interested - WorstUsernameEver
  • Could you elaborate?