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Hi! This is Elecveg! And I'm gonna screw the third person because seriously, who needs that for a profile? In the interest of not being boring I guess I should tell you stuff about me.

My name is Sarah and I'm 16. There's no trouble telling you this cause it's not like anyone can come rape me or anything with that little information (This just in... turns out you can! Well, locate at least). I've always thought that idea was pretty silly. Of course, I'm sure I can trust my fellow tropers, anyway! (: I have a serious fixation with musical artists that did their most famous work from about twenty years ago to sixty years ago, but I admit to being totally clueless about underground and less well known stuff.

VeggieTales consumed most of my childhood, I play volleyball and basketball, I love Disney movies, and I'm absolutely ridiculous. So Yeah! I don't bite unless you look tasty. And I use two spaces after a period. I'm that chick that did a Caterpie-only run on Pokemon leaf Green. I think cosplaying would be kinda fun if I could pull it off but I find cons kind of caustic and I'm bad at costume making. No offense to anyone who goes to them, they're just not my thing. So let's go fly kites sometime!!!!


LES TROPES DE MOI (I (poorly) speak about 4% of the french language thanks to high school)