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Tropers: Thatother1dude
Not to be confused with The One Guy. I'm frequent contributor. I would like to consider myself an Anti Nihilist. I'm generally lenient when it comes to fiction, and am really tired of everyone's childish overreactions (constant declarations that something you watch physically harmed you by being so bad are really tiresome and annoying).

Articles Started:
  1. Memetic Badass
  2. Throw the Dog a Bone

Articles Suggested:
  1. Mle Trois
  2. Stab the Scorpion
  3. Mundane Solution
  4. Elemental Baggage
  5. Harder Than Hard
  6. Tasty Gold
  7. Memetic Badass
  8. Death by Cameo
  9. Throw the Dog a Bone
  10. Space Is Cold
  11. Shrug of God
  12. Good Girls Avoid Abortion - although it was revived by someone long past when I thought it was dead.

Articles Named:
  1. Mundane Solution
  2. If Jesus Then Aliens - Made of Win
  3. Nightmare Retardant
  4. Royally Screwed Up
  5. True Neutral - made before the other Character Alignment pages were split
  6. Script-Reading Doors
  7. Tasty Gold
  8. Memetic Badass
  9. Symbolic Blood
  10. Throw the Dog a Bone
  11. Space Is Cold
  12. Badass Grandpa

Articles I Provided Pictures For:
  1. Off Model - from /co/ (since changed)
  2. Use Your Head - from (since removed, pending replacement)
  3. Steam Punk - from /a/+ (since modified to not be a demotivator and instead have the text in a caption)
  4. Dull Surprise - from the Transformers wiki
  5. Continuity Snarl - again, from the Transformers wiki (since changed)
  6. Something Else Also Rises - from /m/
  7. That Makes Me Feel Angry - from /co/
  8. You Just Told Me - I don't remember.
  9. Doesn't Like Guns - once again, from /m/ (since changed)
  10. Incredibly Lame Pun - from /co/

Made of Win points:
  1. The title of If Jesus Then Aliens
  2. Starting the "Let's Play With A Trope" topic which the Playing With wiki originated from.
  3. The Meta section of Dis Continuity.
  4. "Death Note just as planned Death Note" from Thirty Xanatos Pileup (since removed).
  5. The description of the Naruto examples of Not so Fast, Bucko!.
  6. The response in the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann example of Shut Up, Hannibal! (which has been removed).
  7. The pic for Incredibly Lame Pun (since changed/removed).
  8. In Noodle Implements, when it's stated that Troy McClure was having sex with fish, responding with "HOW!?" (since removed)
  9. Being the inspiration for Playing With wiki.
  10. Picture for You Just Told Me.

That first line doesn't make much sense anymore, does it?

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