Tropers / Missmonkeh

Missmonkeh is an irritatingly talkative South Londoner. She does indeed talk with a Cockney accent (albeit a "posh" one) and indulges frequently in pie 'n' mash. She is married to a Sicilian man who coerced her into moving to Essex. If you ask nicely, she'll make you a cup of tea and maybe some toast.

She is relatively new to the site and apologises for the slightly rubbish page.

She does not typically talk in the third person but feels it a necessary requirement in this instance.

Tropes that describe this Troper:

Perky Goth - or used to be before she got a Respectable Job

Beware the Nice Ones

Spot of Tea - always.

Consulting Mr Flibble - actually does own a Mr Flibble puppet.

Crazy Cat Lady - or getting there.

Fiery Redhead

Older Than They Look - mostly due to the below attribute.

Pettanko - used to hate it, but have now embraced it.

Hartman Hips - see above.

Bookworm - and proud.

One of the Boys - love football, hate shoes.

Often accused of being a Straw Feminist despite being a perfectly reasonable feminist (the kind who campaigns for equal rights but understands that most men are perfectly nice human beings}