Tropers / Gilboron


"It's an EEEEEVIIIIIL flashback!"
Himself, A Day in Arne's Life, "Attack of the Gianny"

Arne: What what what?
Christophe: There are three... uh... uhm.... bzzzzzzts!
Military Men, "Plane Sailing"

Hey TV Tropes! I am Gilboron, also known as ArneBelg1994 or Deehash. I am known outside of the internet as Arne DK Dhollander.

I am, on a side note, also a member of my school's Absurdly Powerful Student Council, and a part-time amateur director.

This troper's homepage can be found here. This troper's amateur production company, DHOLLANDE Rmedia, 's homepage can be found here.