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If you were looking for the Shane Acker movie, check here. If you were looking for the musical instead, check here.

Right, finally figured out how to get the name I was looking for. I'm still the same guy (nine) as before; I just happen to have a new name which I'll be using from now on, since I prefer this one over the regular one which I had been using.

I'm still same guy who can't understand sarcasm and all that. I'm also going to UC Merced as of this moment, and hopefully up to the proper time that I graduate.

Mostly keep to myself, unless curious. Social skills are sorta lacking, but I've worked on them somewhat. Sarcasm will usually fly right by me, along with some jokes. One of the probably few tropers on that still uses dial-up as the main home connection.

Takes a while for me to get up to speed, so don't expect the page to fill for a while.

Vandalism is to go past this line.

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