Tropers / Lurking Beneath

You find yourself in an unfamiliar place.

It’s dark in here. Almost too dark. There’s not a person in sight. No sight, no sound, no smells-

Wait. That can’t be right. You strain your ears. There’s the familiar tik-takking of a computer keyboard coming from behind you, and the scent of what appears to be coffee is tickling your nose.

Now you think about it, it’s not really that dark at all. You glance around. A desk strewn with sketchbooks. A stained, empty mug on a precarious angle, threatening to fall off and break. A bean bag in the corner, comic books scattered haphazardly around it. A lava lamp on a shelf nearby. A TV and Playstation, you recognize some JRPG titles poking out from the cabinet next to it.

The tik-takking stops.

“That’s not very nice, ruining what could have been a suspenseful buildup like that,” says a voice from behind you.

You turn. There’s a girl sitting in an office chair, spinning it around leisurely. She’s clad in a T-shirt with a snarky quote and jeans. You spy a small laptop in her lap. She grins, places her feet on the floor and grinds the spinning to a halt.

“It’s also not very nice to barge into someone’s internet corner and not introduce yourself,” she scolds you. “Not off to a good start, are we now? But then again, I don’t do it, so I suppose I can excuse you.”

You’re not sure if you like this girl.

“You’ve been reading around in the Troper Tales pages, then? I can’t imagine you could have found me in many other ways, after all. I don’t exactly wave my name around in any other pages on this website.”

She closes her laptop and sets it aside. Clasping her hands behind her head, she sets her feet up on her desk in a glaring display of bad manners.

“Well, unless you’re lost, of course. I can’t rule out that possibility.” She shakes her head, curly hair bobbing in a convenient breeze. She pokes her tongue out childishly. “But I guess I should tell you about myself, right? Seeing as you went to the trouble of clicking the link and all. Feel free to scroll past or hit the “back” button, though. I won’t hold it against you.”

She hands you some papers.

     Paper #1: Tropes That Apply to Lurking Beneath 

     Paper #2: The required list of favourites; Part 1: Anime and Manga 

and my favourite characters from said anime/manga.

     Paper #3: The required list of favourites; Part 2: Video Games 

and my favourite characters from said games.

     Paper #4: The required list of favourites; Part 3: Webcomics 

and my favourite characters from said webcomics.

     Paper #5: The required list of favourites; Part 4: Movies 

and my favourite characters from said movies.

     Paper #6: The required list of favourites; Part 5: Books 

and my favourite characters from said books.

     Paper #7: The required list of favourites; Part 6: Miscellaneous 

You look up from the papers. The girl is regarding you with a speculative look.

"You know, for someone who expects me to tell you so much about me, you sure don't look like a stalker," she states. You feel slightly affronted. It wasn't like you actually asked for any of this information.

"I know you didn't ask for it, but you expected it, didn't you? That's practically the same thing!"

It isn't, but you keep your mouth shut.

The girl turns toward the Fourth Wall. "Why are You still writing this, anyway? There's nothing left to say any more, and don't You dare try to prolong this with unnecessary ramblings. Come on, close it up, chop chop!"

Oh, alright. Bloody uncooperative Author Avatar.