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Tropers: Hydrall

Hydrall is a troper, who joined up in hopes of being able to actually join in the discussions instead of just watching. Not much changed. I also have Loads and Loads of Characters in my writing, along with loads of stories.

A massive fan of Home World and Final Fantasy Tactics. I probably play them too much.

One of the two GMs for the RPG Mythril Aces.

- Here lie seven dwarves, who in their last moments requested only one thing: More Booze. And if that rhetoric isn't enough for you, HAI HYRDALL! - Katsuun

-wavewave!- Hi Hydrall! :D ~ Satinel

Boo. -Desdendelle

Returning the favour... VANDAL! FIEND! :P - Kiri Ame

I refuse to vandalize you because I'm such a rebel. - Doctor Thunder

Hiiiii~! <(^.^<) - IntoxicatedLayman

Your page is a bare amount of text, a pic and vandalism? You sure you want to insult my page? :P -Fusionman

Hey bossman, you better do the world a favour and grab life. Seriously, just bear-arm it and pull it where-ever you want. You can do it, I know you can. Roman Myth

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