Tropers: Luckyambition

"Se non vero, ben trovato."
Italian Proverb translating to 'if it's a lie, at least it's a good story'

23 year old two-time graduate of Northern Arizona University.

I am a child of 90s. Prior to the new millennium I was best described as mouthy, strategic, and inquisitive. By the time I began high school, I had outgrown many of my tomboyish behaviors, but hadn't yet lost my sass.

In college, at the bachelor's level I majored in criminal justice, with minors in social work, and family studies. I finished my master's program in human relations this past May and hope to continue spending my life helping those in greatest need. Right now, though? I specialize in domestic violence and have spent the last three years working in different capacities with victims and survivors.

You can find me here: Twitter, and Last Fm

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