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Wow, my very own troper page. Where to begin?

Let's start with the boring stuff and hope you all leave before I have to actually do any work.

I'm a guy. I lives in Umeň, in nortern Sweden. Currently twenty... Umm.. Four? ...Yeah that sounds about right. Twenty four years old. I stopped caring somewhere around 16 to 17, so now every time someone asks me, I have to stop and count. In fact, let's just do it like this: I was born in late April, 1985. Now you can do the math instead of asking me.

I accidently stumbled here by some strange twist of fate, and now I just can't leave. I don't know if it's the humor, the casual, laid back information, the subliminal messages or just the fact that I tend towards insomnia and need something to do that doesn't require much effort and I can't "run out of".

My fandoms are, in short, everything. I watch movies, series, anime/cartoons*, read manga/comics*, books. (*I consider these to be the same just like a trout and an anglerfish are both fish.) I listen to a lot of music. I play a LOAD of games. I play, or have at some point played, just about every kind of game you can think of. Board games, card games, console games, pc games, miniature games, roleplaying games.. Speaking of roleplaying games, I have roleplayed live and pen & paper. Pen & paper I have played over a dozen different game systems. Eon, Ironclaw, D&D 3rd and 4th editions (any "edition" that completely remakes the rules is a new game), Neotech, Drakar & Demoner (two vastly different editions there too), Gemini, D20 Modern, Big Eyes Small Mouth... Yeah. You get the picture. Games are a huge part of my life. Second place probably goes to anime. I have seen over 150 different anime. And that's only counting the ones I've finished. I've seen a little over a hundred more, but dropped them partway through for different reasons. In total, I've apparently spent almost two months watching anime, and I've seen over [[Strike:nine]]three thousand episodes/movies. Not counting the times I've watched an episode or movie more than once. I say "apparently" because I'm not actually counting, I just use Anime Planet as a checklist to keep track of what I've seen so I don't keep searching for series I've already seen. The fact that it gives such me those numbers is just pointless fun. Not to mention E-peen. In fact, since I've seen [[Hentai some anime]] that doesn't show up on their list, the numbers are actually greater than that.

Okay... I suck at writing these kinds of things, so I usually end them with this:

If you want to know something that I didn't write here, just ask me. I'm not exactly paranoid about what I let out on the internet, so I will answer just about anything about myself.

This is all, of course, assuming that someone came here, though I was interesting enough to read about AND actually made it all the way down here to the bottom. The odds of that are low.

And, since this is TV Tropes, I will start up a list of applicable tropes. I will sort them alphabethically, except for one very obvious one that deserves the top position. I'm gonna try to avoid adding things like a movie just because I've seen it, unless there is some point to actually mentioning that I've seen it.

Applicable Tropes:

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