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Haven is the scary one.

Wave O Babies is my Limit Break.

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  • Strife Specibus: Stickkind Abstratus
  • Sylladex: Planar Modusnote 
  • Planet: Land of Trees and Roil
  • Title:Knight of Mind

Wiki Magic, go! Idea stolen from Tzetze.
This is the space where people who aren't have write down tropes that describe Haven. Or just regular words, if that's your thing?


I think Haven is a Pretty Cool Guy. Eh lets people edit his page and doesn't afraid of vandalism.

Haven is the Main Character of Real Life :D -William Wide Web - More accurately: Real Life is the Main Character of Haven. We all exist in his fathomless mind!

Wild Katrika uses poke fu!

Dying literacy is systematically auto-killed
The formaldehyde street of buyers and hanging wires
Moisturize that dry synergy with artificial sweetener
Raining money into the high-rise mega-temples

A wild Ozbourne appeared! Wild Ozbourne uses ...! It's super effective!

Nonsense, Haven. Embarrassments happen to the best of us! It's part of being a troper. Keep on Cherry Tapping Cthulhu! ~ Schitzo

Here's to our hero, Haven. - Krrackknut.

This troper is METAL! - Schitzo

Pay two to cast Flash on Phyrexian Hulk; I search my library for four Disciples of the Vault, four Phyrexian Marauders, and four Shifting Walls... gg?Blackmoon

You edited my unpublished work :O Thank you for giving it your attention. Yuo ar a pretty cool guy and don't afraid of anything, do you?note 

Why thank you for the vandalism. You've earned yourself future heals! May they not be needed so often. - Balrog1911

You are the most vile man alive on this planet. Perhaps in the whole multiverse. There is a multiverse you know. Filled with many trandimensional planes that operate on different spacetime principals. My religion told me so and therefore I am obligated to believe it. It has however told me to love you and I cannot do this as you are hideously horrible. We should go go karting more often. I hate you with all my heart. - Aondeug

Haven Haven Haven...In our world today, there are many cats. Now some of these cats, are comfortable creatures, living lives of security and plenty amid man. Others, meanwhile live feral existences, their safety and security coming from their fellow cats. And then there are ones who laze about proudly, lording it over their masters and um...And still others are the subjects of TV shows bringing amusement to thousands, except when they, you know, don't...and so...that metaphor didn't go anywhere near where I wanted it to so, um...The point is this: Haven, with you standing proudly, the idea that Cthulhu can be punched quite forcefully shines that much brighter. ~ Zyxzy

Haven is a bright and shining beacon of true simultaneous-facepalm-and-grin-inducing terribleamazingness in a sea of something that I'm not quite sure what it is. Sir, you make my heart shine and my stomach want to eject its contents whenever your divinely horrible wordplay rears its dear-god-why-do-I-find-it-attractive head; therefore, my heartiest of sentiments to you. also, you sent me two Magic avatars, that was pretty cool and shit - SunshineWerewolf

Go Haven, go!! 8D *cheers*

Shoal of Sharks:
"Oh, look at all the porpoise!" someone shouted
While passengers ran to snap their cameras;
But what they leaned toward was a shoal of sharks
Before us, moving like a floating island:
A seething multitude of tails and fins
Fleeing the fury of a hurricane
Hundreds of miles away.

From Keybreak's Pokedex:
  • Name: Haven
  • No. 5xx +10
  • Type: Fire/Fighting
  • Terror Pokemon
  • Instills a sense of fear into its opponent, then attacks with a flaming punch to the face (just ask Cthulhu)

Note to self: make What The Hell Haven a Darth Wiki page. And more importantly? Declare A God Am I upon reaching 10th Mo W.
I see you! -AFGNCAAP

List of known victims

    Haven, you keep making me do this in class!
  • Meeble
    (*spits Soda all over his desk*) Damn you Haven! You make it hard to browse TV Tropes incognito sometimes...
  • Outta The BLAM -
    Haven, my teacher just saw me laughing! I'm on warning now because of you!
  • Giygas -
  • Krrackknut -
    Here's to the fires that keep us going.
  • Keybreak -
    You kept my entry; that's so nice. :)

Firebugs are not safe from the New Year Vandal! Have a good 2010! From Katrika.

Murder queue

Hello, please take a number and your bloody vengeance against Haven will be processed in the order in which it was received. Thank you, and we hope to provide a satisfactory murder experience.

  1. Aondeug
  2. Miijhal
  3. Zudak ([1]), though he skipped ahead (clearly I should have set this up sooner)
  4. Kerrah ([2])
  5. nomuru2d ([3])
  6. Buttercup
  7. Madrugada
  8. Madrugada again
  9. Blackmoon
  10. Dorku

Posthumuous revenge queue

  1. kingFriday (don't ask)
  2. Aondeug

"The Vandals' traditional reputation: a coloured steel engraving of the Sack of Rome (455) by Heinrich Leutemann (1824–1904), c 1860–80" -Wikipedia